Amazon's Hanna Season 1 Ending Explained

Hanna Season 1 Was About Rebelling From And Then Choosing Family

Hanna is an action-espionage series but it's also a coming-of-age drama about a very sheltered 15-year-old girl rebelling and searching for where she belongs in the world - and with whom. For her entire life, Erik was the only person Hanna knew but she also bristled at all the secrets he kept from her - especially how he refused to answer direct questions. When she found out Erik was lying about being her father, she broke away from him and made her own way for a while. In her season 1 journey, Hanna got to experience different types of family.

Hanna's adventures living as a "typical" teenager in London with Sophie were a highlight of season 1. In Sophie, Hanna found her first real friend who adored her, but Hanna also ended up betraying her by sleeping with Anton, the boy Sophie liked. Moreso, Hanna got to experience Sophie's dysfunctional family and, for a short while, Hanna also had a "found family" among Sophie's group of friends. This relative bliss was interrupted by Marissa, who tracked Hanna in London, and posed as her mother to retrieve her. As they traveled and stayed in a hotel together, Marissa attempted to be an ersatz mother to Hanna before Erik rescued her, even offering to arrange for Hanna to receive a new fake identity to keep her safe.

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Hanna once more felt betrayed by Erik when he revealed he contacted her birth father, Emil Prodna (Aleksandar Milik), and arranged for ger to live with him and his family. En route, Hanna got to meet Erik's mother and witnessed their cold, distant relationship. This directly powered her decision to intercept Erik while he was planning a suicide mission, with her feeling Erik was always her "real" father and the Ultrax trainees her "family". When the series began, Hanna was alone and isolated from the world, but now she knows there are others like her. She lost her father Erik in the end but, in Clara, she gained a sister.

How Hanna Season 1 Set Up Season 2

Hanna season 1 opened up a larger universe that's poised to continue in season 2. The series expanded on Hanna's origin story from the 2011 movie by creating Utrax. It also gave Hanna natural enemies in the second generation of all-female super-soldiers who are a year younger but possibly better trained and more disciplined than Hanna herself. It was disappointing that Hanna didn't fight any of the Utrax trainees, which seemed like a natural showdown that season 1 avoided entirely, but it seems likely Hanna will eventually face one or more of her "sisters" in season 2.

The Utrax Regenesis trainees were transported to a new facility, Wilberforce, where the program will continue under Dr. Kunek. What's more, there's still the unseen Norris in Colorado overseeing Utrax that Hanna is yet to reveal. Marissa's fate was also left up in the air, but with Erik gone, it's likely she will maintain her deception about what really happened and will continue her CIA career, possibly angling for the assignment to once again run Utrax Regenesis. While Marissa doesn't know that Hanna has returned to the forest, she will likely do what she can to keep Hanna safe from afar. Regardless, Hanna season 2 will no doubt bring the young super-soldier back into the world once more.

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Hanna season 1 is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

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