'The Hangover Part 3' TV Spot and Posters: This Is the End for The Wolfpack

The first TV spot for 'The Hangover Part III' has arrived; meanwhile, costars John Goodman and Ken Jeong have gotten their own posters.

First TV spot and Posters for The Hangover Part 3

It took longer than expected, but marketing for The Hangover Part III is finally underway and gaining speed. The trilogy finale reunites Bradley Cooper (The Place Beyond the Pines), Zach Galifianakis (The Campaign), Ed Helms (The Office) and Ken Jeong (Pain & Gain) - along with new additions like John Goodman (Argo) and Melissa McCarthy (The Heat) - for the end-all of deranged adventures, at the scene of The Wolfpack's original crime: Las Vegas.

The Hangover Part III trailer makes it clear that the story setup from the first two Hangover movies isn't being recycled (again), but otherwise strings together a series of disconnected plot points and jokes revolving around Alan (Galifianakis) in particular. Co-writer and director Todd Phillips has said the film is really Alan's story, which accounts for the emphasis on that character in the trailer and the first TV spot released.

UPDATE: We've added new posters, featuring Helms and Jeong and Cooper, respectively.


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How, exactly, players like Mr. Chow (Jeong) and the film's mystery antagonist (Goodman) fit into the larger picture remains to be seen, though with each of them getting their own poster - not to mention, Mr. Chow squaring off against Alan on the Hangover Part III teaser one-sheet (a la Harry Potter and Voldemort) - it's probably safe to assume these lunatics and their pig-masked associates (?) will have a significant role in the onscreen madness.

While it's no secret that the Screen Rant Underground Podcast contributors aren't fans of The Hangover Part II (the same goes for pretty much our entire staff), the combination of new acting blood and a fresh(er) storyline is reason enough to hope the final chapter in this comedy trilogy marks an improvement on the second act.

Maybe, okay probably, it would've just been much better had Phillips and his crew stopped while they were ahead with Part I, but at this stage we might as well just keep our fingers crossed that everything concludes on a high(er) note.


The Hangover Part III opens in theaters on May 24th, 2013.

Source: Warner Bros. [via Coming Soon]

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