Ed Helms Says There's A 0% Chance of Hangover 4 Happening

Bradley Cooper, Zach Galafianakis, and Ed Helms in The Hangover

Anyone holding out hope for The Hangover 4 better start getting worried, as star Ed Helms has said there’s zero chance of another sequel happening. The Hangover was a bit of a surprise hit when it premiered back in 2009. It launched its three main stars (Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis and Bradley Cooper) into a new level of super stardom. In fact, the movie seemingly made Cooper’s career.

Given the success of The Hangover it was no shock when the movie was green lit for not just one, but two sequels. The Hangover, which was obviously intended to be a one-off, turned into a trilogy. A trilogy that had severely diminishing returns at the box office. It's probably for that reason that the possibility of Hangover 4 happening is non-existent. Helms doesn't seem thrilled by the prospect, in any case.

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Cine Pop interviewed Helms for his new movie, Father Figures. During the interview, the possibility of another Hangover came up and Helms was adamant about its non-existence. When asked what the chances were of a fourth Hangover movie happening were, Helms replied, "I'd say the chances of a fourth movie are between zero and zero." 

Helms' response was meant as a joke or at least delivered in a light-hearted manner. It still does make clear the future of the franchise. There's not one. At the very least, it's obvious that Helms doesn't really want to revisit the characters again. The heart of The Hangover movies was always the dynamic between the main characters, or The Wolf Pack. Regardless if Helms likes his former co-stars personally, it's obviously not a project that he has much interest in anymore.

The Hangover Part II, Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms

It's hard to blame him, too. The Hangover movie is still one of the better R-Rated comedies. The sequels, however, were huge disappointments, critically. The second movie rehashed large parts of the first movie in an all-new setting. The third movie was received a bit better and had more creativity, but it still was a far cry from the first entry in the franchise. The Hangover sequels were actually, and justifiably, a "favorite" of the infamous Razzie Award when they were released.

Furthermore, the sequels did very little at the box office. Almost immediately upon release, The Hangover was a huge success. The first movie made nearly $467 million worldwide. The Hangover: Part II did even better, earning around $586 million worldwide. However Hangover: Part III was, more or less, a huge flop. It had the worst opening weekend of the franchise and only made little over a $100 million domestically. More than anything else, the finances of a fourth Hangover movie are likely why Helms says it has zero chances of happening.

Although given the recent surges of reboots and revivals in Hollywood, The Hangover might not stay completely dead forever. The Hangover is still a recognizable name. It's possible that someway and somehow the Wolf Pack might reunite. Even if most people, including the actors, don't want it right now.

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Source: Cine Pop

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