'Hangover 3' Headed to Tijuana and Back to Vegas?

The Hangover 3 Tijuana Mexico

Call it taking the long way around, but it seems as though the rumors that The Hangover 2 would be in Mexico were just a little bit too clairvoyant. Hangover 2 was set in Thailand - but The Hangover 3 will be in Mexico. Tijuana, to be exact.

However, it seems that Mexico will only be a pit stop: scroll down for the full scoop on where infamous Wolf Pack - Ed Helms, Bradley Cooper and Zach Galifianakis - could be headed on their next misadventure.

It has long been said that the Wolfpack will do a bit of party-hopping in their next installment. Bradley Cooper recently stated that the film would shoot in LA, while The Toronto Sun mentions the new Tijuana location. In addition to Mexico, the Sun also makes brief mention of Las Vegas, which (if true) would return the Wolfpack to the scene of their first crimes against partying.

Right now these reports are coming from "sources close to the film," so they must be taken with the obligatory grain of salt. However, early on, word was that The Hangover 3 story would be different from its predecessors. Rumor went so far as to suggest that the story could involve - at one point or another - the Wolfpack having to break free of a mental institution where Alan (Galifianakis) ends up being committed. No idea if that will turn out to be the actual plot - but the 'Pack being on the lamb could explain the Mexico location. A third Mike Tyson cameo could also explain a stop in Vegas. Just some theories.

Hell, the mere news that there will be different locations in the film is welcome news for those of us who weren't very impressed with the repetitious nature of The Hangover 2. Some kind of variation of the formula is clearly needed, and it'll be interesting to see what director Todd Philips comes up with. Be warned: we asked for something different, and there's no telling how wild the curveball Phillips throws at us will be.

Source:  Toronto Sun (via The Film Stage)

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