The Handmaid’s Tale Full Season 2 Trailer: On The Run From Gilead

Season 2 of Hulu’s Emmy and Golden Globe-winning The Handmaid’s Tale is right around the corner, and the streaming service has finally offered up a full trailer detailing what lies ahead. After the year that the first season had, the series’ return is shaping up to be one of the biggest events in Hulu’s history. It’s certainly the most important piece of the service’s growing library of original content, and as such, the first full trailer pulls out all the stops.

Although season 1 ended with June (Offred) presumably getting clear of the Waterford’s house, there were questions as to what fate would ultimately befall her. Was she on the path to freedom or was she headed someplace worse than death — like the Colonies, where Alexis Bledel’s Emily was sentenced? As the answer is but a small part of what looks to be an incredibly expansive season, the trailer doesn’t hold back much with regard to June’s circumstances.

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Then again, the trailer doesn’t hold back much in regard to anyone’s circumstances, as things move from June to Emily to Moira (Samira Wiley), showing that they’re all still fighting to escape the oppression of Gilead. Check out the official synopsis from Hulu for more:

“The Emmy-winning drama series returns with a second season shaped by Offred’s pregnancy and her ongoing fight to free her future child from the dystopian horrors of Gilead. “Gilead is within you” is a favorite saying of Aunt Lydia. In Season Two, Offred and all our characters will fight against – or succumb to – this dark truth.”

To be honest, the shot of Moira protesting is probably a flashback. That would be in keeping with what the show’s creators have discussed about season 2 leading up to its premiere later this month: In addition to seeing June’s pursuit of freedom unfold, the season will also grant viewers a better understanding of how Gilead came to be. Perhaps that explains the trailer showing Yvonne Strahovski’s Serena Joy in the midst of a fiery speech about protecting “their” way of life.

That will present interesting parallel storylines for the season to explore, as it seems the trailer is hinting at trouble ahead for Serena and Commander Fred, two people who have benefitted greatly from Gilead’s misogynistic system. As was seen in season 1, the government there has extreme ideas when it comes to punishment, so it's no surprise Fred seems a bit more on edge than usual. Either way, it looks as though season 2 will be less stationary than season 1, opening up to more of the world, both inside Gilead and beyond.

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The Handmaid’s Tale season 2 premieres on Wednesday, April 25 on Hulu.

Source: Hulu

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