The Handmaid’s Tale Images Reveal Elisabeth Moss in Hulu's Series

Elisabeth Moss in Mad Men Season 7

There's no denying that Elisabeth Moss has a very promising career ahead of her. The actress quickly got on everyone's radar during her time as Peggy on AMC's Mad Men. Though talented as she is, sometimes iconic roles like that make it hard for actors to find other work afterwards. But luckily, she managed to do it. She's since starred in the hit television series Top of the Lake, Alex Ross Perry's Queen of Earth, Listen Up Phillip, and more. Moss' appeal is clearly not diminishing in the slightest, and rightfully so. Along with the many upcoming projects she's already attached to, she also has the lead role in Hulu's upcoming original series, The Handmaid's Tale.

Based on the acclaimed novel by Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid's Tale takes place in the dystopian society of Gilead, where women are treated solely as property of the state. Moss plays Offred, one of the few remaining fertile women in Gilead. She works as a handmaid for The Commander (Joseph Fiennes), who forces her into sexual servitude in hopes of repopulating the devastated world. Through all of these hardships, Offred's one and only goal is to find the daughter that was taken from her. It's an eerily timely tale of corruption, misogynism and abuse. And Moss seems like the perfect fit for a complex and character-driven series like this. Despite it not debuting until early 2017, Hulu has given us a little teaser of what's to come.

The first few images (via Collider) of The Handmaid's Tale have been released. The first still features Offred sitting on a windowsill, with sunlight shining through the curtains. The second one is by far the most mysterious -- it shows Gilead's very primitive system, where some type of ritual is taking place. The latter two images offer looks at The Commander and Offred, respectively. Take a look below.

The Handmaid's Tale Elisabeth Moss Offred

The Handmaid's Tale Hulu Series

The Handmaid's Tale Joseph Fiennes Commander

The Handmaid's Tale Elisabeth Moss

These images should definitely be enough to entice most people. Something this first look alludes to is the design of Gilead. Even though it takes place in a dystopian society, the inhabitants' clothing and living facilities look like they're straight out of 19th Century England -- if not earlier. And considering how that time period was very much a male-dominated society, The Handmaid's Tale will more than likely be using similar practices. That's especially true when looking at the character of Offred. She's forced to endure oppression and depravity on a daily basis, so it's very possible the series' social commentary will center around her.

There are many reasons to be excited for The Handmaid's Tale. For one thing, it marks Moss' return to television. Besides Top of the Lake, the actress has only appeared in films over the last few years. Moss is the type of actress who fully inhabits her characters, so the television medium usually best fits her skill set. So, The Handmaid's Tale should prove to be one of Moss' most challenging, but rewarding, outings yet.

The Handmaid's Tale will premiere on Hulu in early 2017.

Source: Collider

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