D&D Character Alignments Of The Handmaid's Tale's Cast

The question of morality within the narrative of The Handmaid's Tale is a fascinating one because the entire story focuses on a group of characters who exist within a society that is truly, genuinely evil. Most people living in a normal world will never have to question or challenge their own morality, and the stakes of their own choices and behavior will be comparatively low. In Gilead, the stakes are literally life or death, so even the most trivial choices matter.

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In a world where everyone eventually has to make some kind of stand or moral decision, the character alignments of each individual are truly all over the map. This world is rife with heroes, villains, and everything in between.

Here are all of the Dungeons & Dragons character morality alignments for the cast of characters in The Handmaid's Tale.

Spoilers will be included for all three seasons of The Handmaid's Tale.

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10 Lawful Good - Luke Bankole

Although The Handmaid's Tale hasn't delved too far into Luke Bankole's characterization or background, it's pretty clear that he is a generally good, kind, and moral person. He's not perfect by any means, but he's head and shoulders above many of the other characters in terms of his morality.

However, Luke is not too prone to breaking the rules either. He wants to fight against Gilead and desperately wants his wife and child back, but he has never been able (or possibly never been willing enough) to actually break the law to get them back, instead he does his work by helping Gilead's refugees and hoping that June and Hannah are among them someday.

9 Lawful Neutral - Rita

As far as her own morality goes, Rita, the Martha for the Waterford household, seems like a fairly decent person who is simply doing as she's told in order to stay alive. Rita eventually develops a particular affection for June, but remains reluctant to stick up for anyone at her own expense, especially if the person in question could have predicted a negative outcome based on the rules that have been set out for them.

Rita finally managed to escape Gilead in the Season 3 finale, but when many of the other Marthas chose to go back and help June, Rita decided to leave for Canada.

8 Chaotic Good - Emily Malek

Alexis Bledel as Oflgen/Emily in The Handmaid's Tale

Ironically, as far as handmaids go, Emily was a pretty good personality match for Commander Lawrence. Emily is a good person who is trying to do good things in a regime that is pretty much pure evil, but she also shows absolutely no regard for anything outside of what she wants or thinks is the morally right thing to do.

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If Emily believes that the morally right thing to do is murder someone, then she'll do it. She tends to see everything related to Gilead in very black and white terms, and she doesn't consider rules or norms when it comes to doing what she thinks needs to be done.

7 Chaotic Neutral - Commander Joseph Lawrence

Commander Joseph Lawrence is an incredibly tough nut to crack. Even his colleagues in the government of Gilead think so. That is probably because, in his mind, morality doesn't seem to be all that relevant to anything. He has shown signs of incredible goodness as well as unimaginable darkness, and Lawrence tends to look at the bigger picture in any situation.

Joseph seems to want to change things but if he believes that something as insane as mass murder is for the greater good, then he is willing to accept it. He sees people for their utility instead of their humanity, which makes him the ultimate chaotic neutral character.

6 Lawful Evil - Aunt Lydia

The Handmaid's Tale is full of vile, absolutely terrifying characters. Aunt Lydia may be the worst of the bunch as she clearly and truly believes in Gilead's cause. As an Aunt, Lydia is meant to guide the handmaids through their duties, but she clearly subscribes to the whole "spare the rod, spoil the child" philosophy when it comes to training and controlling the handmaids.

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Aunt Lydia will always do what the laws of god demand of her (or what she believes they demand), even if it's something as abhorrent as having all of the handmaids beat Janine to death with rocks.

5 Chaotic Good - Janine Lindo

Although Janine began her journey as one of the handmaids with a spicier personality, the extreme trauma that she has endured has permanently changed her. Sadly, because of those experiences, Janine can probably never be anything other than chaotic; however, those experiences also seem to have brought out the kindness inside her.

Janine's goodness really knows no bounds, as she often treats people well even if they don't deserve it or have done a lot to hurt her personally. Janine is typically trying to do the right thing in any circumstance even if her behavior is misguided.

4 True Neutral - Nick Blaine

Nick Blaine has shown some flashes of moral instinct throughout his time in the series. That said, when it comes down to the nitty-gritty, Nick will ultimately do what he believes is necessary for his own survival or the survival of June and Holly.

While he understands that Gilead is morally repugnant, Nick also isn't prone to sticking his neck out to help anyone that he doesn't have a personal connection to. Nick's neutrality is his best means of survival. While he'll hopefully do more to undermine Gilead in the future, it's clear that his stance has gotten him further than most of Gilead's citizens.

3 Neutral Evil - Fred Waterford

Honestly, Fred is the neutral evil character of The Handmaid's Tale because he's simply too stupid and too cowardly to be anything else. Fred is someone who is always out for himself and always looking for a way to advance his own ends, but he has also repeatedly proved himself to be a power-hungry, sadistic monster.

Fred is a prototypical abuser in every way imaginable and nothing satisfies him more than having hordes of people to control in whatever way he sees fit. He loves the idea of being morally superior despite holding no real regard for morality.

2 Chaotic Evil - Serena Joy Waterford

If Fred is the evil idiot just squeezing what he can out of Gilead, then Serena Joy Waterford is the diabolical monster that is pulling his puppet strings. Serena's capability for sociopathic, abusive behavior seems to have no limits, and she shows no regard for anyone else.

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Serena claims to abide by the laws of god and Gilead, but she doesn't even question breaking those rules if it means getting an inch closer to what she wants. She even abuses people just for the fun of it. A chaotic evil villain through and through.

1 Neutral Good - June Osborne

June Osborne begins her journey as a bit of a true neutral character more than anything, but she has slowly grown into the role of a neutral good character. June's initial focus was solely on finding her daughter and escaping Gilead; however, even before she was a serious rebel, June was helping people in whatever way she could.

Now that she's one of the leaders in the underground rebel army, June will do whatever she can to change the system. Whether her actions follow or break the laws of Gilead is completely irrelevant to her.

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