Hand Of God Season 3 Updates: Story, Release Date, Will It Happen?

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Is there a chance Amazon Studio's gritty crime drama Hand Of God will receive a third season? Hand Of God starred Ron Perlman (Hellboy) as Pernell Harris, a judge who appears to suffer a breakdown and becomes a born-again Christian. Harris also believes God is guiding him on a path of vengeance after his son tries to commit suicide in the aftermath of a vicious crime.

Hand Of God was one of Amazon's first original dramas, with the pilot being directed by Marc Forster (World War Z). While the cast, including Perlman, Dana Delany, and Garrett Dillahunt, received great reviews for their work on Hand Of God, the show itself was met with a largely mixed reception. The relentlessly downbeat tone, grim violence, and wild plot twists turned off many viewers during the first season.

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The most recent season of the show ended back in 2017, so is Hand Of God season 3 going to happen?

Amazon Canceled Hand Of God After Two Seasons

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In a somewhat unusual move, Amazon announced long before Hand Of God season 2 premiered that the show would be coming to an end. While ratings for the show weren't made available it's likely the lukewarm critical reaction played a part in the streaming service bringing it to an early close. While canceled shows sometimes find a new home on other streaming platforms, it doesn't seem like any attempt was made to shop the series around.

Could Hand Of God Season 3 Still Happen?

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Creator Ben Watkins (Burn Notice) has stated the show was originally supposed to run for at least a couple more seasons. Co-star Garrett Dillahunt also admitted that since the crew went into the second season unaware it would be the last, they didn't have time to craft a complete resolution for the show. This is why a number of storylines are left unresolved in the finale. Unfortunately, while the series did have its fans, there has been little sign of Hand Of God season 3 happening.

The cast and crew have since moved on to other projects, and Amazon is focusing on their current output like Jack Ryan and Hanna. While its a shame the second season wasn't able to wrap up the story in a completely satisfying way, there doesn't appear to be much of appetite for more of the show either. While there's always a slight chance it could be revived in some form, it currently appears Hand Of God season 3 won't be happening.

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