Hancock Has Early Weekend Box Office Momentum

The film can now be added to a long list of July 4th opener successes such as Transformers, War of the Worlds, Spider-Man 2 and others. The July 4th weekend is one of the bigger weekends that production companies like to shoot for when they feel they have a bread winner on their hands.

Despite the movie getting mediocre reviews, (3.5 of 5 from Vic) Will Smith is proving his draw as an actor. He can take a rather stale component, add his own unique presence, or flair if you will - and create something more than what could be there if any other actor had a similar role. (Of course, this all makes sense if you're a Will Smith fan.)

Having taken my own clue from Vic, I'm in no rush to see the movie. I am looking forward to catching it in some fashion, but I'm not sure I want to suffer the lines and crowds this weekend for a mere 90 minute "mediocre" flick.

source: Hollywood Reporter

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Hancock Has Early Weekend Box Office Momentum