15When Han Met Chewie 

Everyone already knows that Han and Chewie are best buds. Would showing the first encounter between Alden Ehrenreich’s version of the scruffy-lookin’ nerf herder and Joonas Suotamo’s take on the oft-gargling walking carpet add anything to the mix? Arguably not.

The chemistry shared by Harrison Ford and Peter Mayhew – the

original actors – is unforgettable and iconic. Arguably, it would be more fun for the new film to build on this – perhaps showing the duo in less chummy times, rather than explaining the pairing in excruciating detail.

After all, for hardcore fans, the story of how Han met Chewie is old news. In the previous Expanded Universe canon, they met when Chewbacca was a slave and Han was the guy that busted him out (earning a loyal companion in the bargain). Does this story really need telling again?

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