Han Solo Set Video: Ron Howard Visits A Rough Corner of the Galaxy

Ron Howard

Ron Howard is at it again with another video from the set of his upcoming young Han Solo spinoff movie. The acclaimed director boarded the project earlier this summer after the film's original directors, Phil Lord and Chris Miller, were suddenly booted from the blockbuster project with only three weeks left of shooting to go. The Oscar winning director wasted no time in getting up to speed on the project, and he has already begun filming the remainder of the film (along with, presumably, reshooting some past scenes as well).

Lucasfilm has clearly been prioritizing Rian Johnson's upcoming film, Star Wars: Episode VIII -- The Last Jedi, since that's the next movie on the docket, but the production company has yet to show an official photo from the Han Solo movie, which releases mere months after The Last Jedi hits theaters. The studio chose to skip both D23 Expo and San Diego Comic-Con this summer with regard to revealing anything about the Han Solo film, but that hasn't stopped Howard from taking matters into his own hands.

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The filmmaker has teased his social media followers with glimpses of Alden Ehrenreich and Donald Glover as Han Solo and Lando Calrissian, respectively, as well as subtly reveal the return of the looming Galactic Empire. Now, he has gone a step further and posted two videos online showing off a rough corner of the galaxy far, far away. Here's one video from Twitter:

Rough corner of the Galaxy.

— Ron Howard (@RealRonHoward) August 18, 2017

Clearly, something went wrong, and it's certainly possible that Han Solo and Chewbacca were involved somehow, or perhaps all this destruction had something to do with Lando Calrissian? In either case, this is among the latest in a long stream of tweets from the director who appears to be enjoying his time working with Lucasfilm again -- and this time directing Star Wars, nevertheless. In addition to the above video, Howard posted another video on his Instagram from the same set, except this time showing an R2 droid on fire. Perhaps the R2 unit had a bad motivator? Take a look:

Things are a little rough all over the Galaxy

A post shared by RealRonHoward (@realronhoward) on

Despite suffering from heavily publicized production setbacks, the young Han Solo movie -- the second Star Wars anthology installment -- is still scheduled to release in May 2018, and it looks like there aren't any immediate plans to delay the film. Since we haven't seen any marketing materials for the film yet, nor has Lucasfilm revealed the movie's official title, it's possible that we might start seeing promotions for the film around the time The Last Jedi hits theaters this December.

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