Han Solo: Ron Howard Shares Picture of Him Directing Chewbacca

The newest set photo from the young Han Solo spinoff film shows director Ron Howard having a great time while filming a scene with Chewbacca. Following the infamous Phil Lord and Chris Miller kerfuffle earlier this summer, the second Star Wars anthology movie is back on the ground running under the steady guidance of the Oscar winner. While Lucasfilm's marketing department (understandably) concentrates on this December's The Last Jedi, Howard is doing his part to make sure Han Solo doesn't get lost in the shuffle. Thanks to his social media accounts, fans have gotten several great looks behind the scenes of the production.

Since taking over in June, Howard has posted a bevy of photos and videos from the set, showcasing Donald Glover's Lando Calrissian, the Empire, and a friendly argument he had with an R2 unit. Of course, everyone's favorite Wookiee has taken part in these festivities, celebrating an Instagram milestone with Emilia Clarke and keeping a close on on Howard during what seems to be an emotional scene. Now, there's another look at the fuzz ball as he gets ready for a close up.

Taking to Twitter once again, Howard shared an image of himself laughing while shooting the latest scenes. On the monitors is Chewbacca, but other details of the shot (the setting, who Chewie is with) are difficult to make out. You can see the picture in the space below:

Howard, who has been a Star Wars fan since May 1977, is clearly having a blast making Han Solo. He's continuously said he's grateful for the opportunity and looks to honor the hard work that was already done previously this year under Lord and Miller. His enthusiasm and childlike wonder on the set has helped change the conversation surrounding the spinoff, putting a far more positive spin on the project. As we've said before, Howard's photo gallery is the best damage control Lucasfilm can ask for at this point in time, providing viewers with small teases to speculate about as they wait for more official marketing materials to roll out. Per the reports, filming will continue through September, so it's likely Howard has more content to share in the coming weeks.

Despite his appearing in five saga episodes (with a role in Last Jedi forthcoming), there's still a lot of Chewie's life audiences have not seen, and Han Solo looks to fill in some of those gaps. Described as an origin story for the smuggler and his best friend, it's long been presumed the spinoff will depict the fateful first meeting of the two characters, which potentially could add layers of emotional resonance to their established relationship. The canon novel Life Debt implied Han helped free Chewie from Imperial captivity, setting the stage for a poignant arc. Since Han's time in the Skywalker opera is over, it'll be nice to see the two pals traversing the galaxy in their youth - even if it's no longer Harrison Ford.

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