Han Solo Director’s Latest Set Photo Teases Cantina Fight Scene

Director Ron Howard's latest set photo from the still Untitled Young Han Solo Movie teases one of the film's "intense" action sequence, possibly set in one of the Star Wars universe's many cantinas. And despite the flurry of controversy and confusion that began surrounding the project when original directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller were fired, the Han Solo spinoff appears to have gotten back on track again over the past several weeks. That's no doubt, thanks to replacement director Ron Howard, who has already been on the receiving end of praise from several of the film's key cast members since he was brought onboard.

Much to the excitement of Star Wars fans everywhere, Howard has also been much more interactive with fans in terms of behind-the-scenes looks and images from the production than either Lord or Miller were. And aside from just set images with Donald Glover or new addition Paul Bettany, Howard has given fans some exciting looks at several of the film's impressive sets and VFX sequences.

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Fortunately, the veteran filmmaker continues that pattern today as well. Howard took to Twitter to tease the filming of what he calls an "intense" and "cool" action sequence, which based on the look of the scene's set, appears to be taking place within a cantina:

Intense & cool action scene on my monitors today as we make #UntitledHanSoloMovie

— Ron Howard (@RealRonHoward) September 6, 2017

Now, there's no telling what the context or specific location of this sequence is, based just on the limited look Howard's photo offers. But should it be taking place within a cantina, the sequence already feels like a well-suited homage to the character's legacy within the Star Wars franchise. Solo was, after all, first introduced in a cantina in A New Hope, and so this scene feels in tune with the smuggler, rogue personality that made him such an instantly memorable character in the first place.

While there's still an air of skepticism surrounding the Young Han Solo film right now, from both fans who are worried about Lord and Miller's firing and who still haven't been won over by the film's premise, Howard has done a good job at easing the concerns of many fans with this stream of BTS updates. Possibly the most experienced filmmaker to ever try his hand at directing a Star Wars film, the photos indicate that Howard will, at the very least, be putting his experience and technical skills to fine use on Han Solo.

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Source: Ron Howard

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