Jar Jar Binks Pleads With Ron Howard For Han Solo Movie Role

Jar Jar Binks thinks he can make a comeback in the Star Wars universe with a role in Ron Howard's Han Solo movie. Jar Jar, of course, became one of, if not the most reviled character in the Star Wars universe with his debut in Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace in 1999. Realized on the big screen through CG and a voice performance by Ahmed Best, the character has been ridiculed in fan circles for years for his well-intended, yet annoying turn opposite Liam Neeson, Ewan McGregor, Jake Lloyd and Natalie Portman in the first Star Wars prequel movie.

With all the hubbub surrounding the sudden exit of co-directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller from the young Han Solo movie earlier this week (and the calming effect brought about with the hire of Oscar-winning director Ron Howard as the duo's replacement), the comic think tank at Funny or Die has found a way to lighten up the mood with a video spoofing the Gungan character's supposed interest in the film.

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In a new Funny or Die video titled, "Why the New Han Solo Movie Needs Ron Howard," a very familiar-looking silhouette of a distinct character appears with an altered voice, akin to people doing obscured on-screen interviews to protect their identity. It doesn't take Jar Jar long to blow his cover in the video, though, by saying those eternally grating words, "Mee-sa thinks..."

Specifically, Jar Jar  is addressing the notion that a lot of fans are upset with the hiring of Howard, and counters the criticism by saying, "Mee-sa thinks it's a great move." Jar Jar then goes on to impart many funny observations (certainly funnier than anything he did or said in The Phantom Menace), and eventually gets to the heart of why he's appearing in the video in the first place. Jar Jar not only wants to be in the Han Solo film, he wants a lead role, and not that of a supporting player. "If you really wanna turn this movie around, you gotta get Jar Jar in there," the shadowy figure says.

No matter how fans feel today about Jar Jar Binks, the Funny or Die video is a welcome diversion from all the turmoil and uncertainty that's coming with the surprising and unparalleled move in the Star Wars universe. As controversial as Jar Jar's inclusion was in The Phantom Menace, it doesn't come close to the dust-up the replacement of Lord and Miller has caused. After all, Jar Jar was just one character in The Phantom Menace that didn't work (not to discredit the fans' dismay with other aspects of the film, and there are plenty of them). With Han Solo, we're looking at a whole movie that potentially won't work.

With the Han Solo movie under a year away from debuting, fans will no doubt be waiting with suspense how well the film will shake out. With any luck, Funny or Die will bring Jar Jar back again for some much-needed laughs to break the tension. And while Howard is unlikely to be calling Jar Jar anytime soon, the character may just find the popularity he's been yearning for with this well-executed self-aware type of humor — a brand of humor that would work well, oddly enough, in a Lord and Miller movie, a la 21 Jump Street.

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Source: Funny or Die

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