Han Solo Movie Working Title Logos Revealed

Two new production logos for the upcoming Han Solo Star Wars anthology film emerge online, depicting the project's working title.

Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo Donald Glover as Lando and Chewbacca Star Wars Fan Art

Though the final title of Star Wars' Han Solo film is still unknown, two new production logos have emerged for next year's prequel. In the modern age of blockbusters, everything from set photos to toy and book releases have the potential to spoil information about an upcoming film. Because of that, it's been all the more surprising that each of the new Star Wars films to date have managed to keep almost everything under wraps until Lucasfilm is ready to share.

That secrecy has meant that even with only a few more months to go before The Last Jedi hits theaters, about all we know about the film has come from the official teaser and a handful of vague quotes. For next year's Han Solo film, that means we haven't even learned the actual name of the movie. Despite the fact that the cast was announced some time ago and filming is currently underway, there's not much about the film we know other than that it will explore the early years of the lovable rogue. Still, with a May 2018 release date secured, new information is bound to arrive soon, including the film's title and logo.

In the meantime, two Twitter users have nabbed a pair of shirts the crew of Han Solo are using, teasing the film's possible name and two options for its logo. Check them out below:

Han Solo Crew Shirts Include a Cool Title Logo

— Jeremy Conrad (@ManaByte) June 14, 2017

Wouldn't read too much into that. They have also used this one.

— dragon's daughter (@yeahclarke) June 14, 2017

If Solo does end up being the film's title, it will hardly be a surprise. While something more evocative could be dreamed up, there's a strong possibility Lucasfilm will merely stick with the character's well-known name. As for the logos, neither is likely to be the final product for the film. The first one features Han's signature blaster as the 'L' in his name, something that seems a bit too hokey to be used by Lucasfilm. The second is simpler, but merely apes the Star Wars font.

Generally, production crews are given a variety of shirts with different logos long before a final design is ever decided on. Even then, we've seen many big blockbusters change their logos a number of times throughout production. Likely, Lucasfilm will reveal the official title and logo later this year. In the past they've waited until after their next film is released, but given The Last Jedi arrives in December and Han Solo in May, they'll need to get started on promotion a bit sooner.

For the core saga, Lucasfilm can easily use their more minimal marketing strategy. The anthology films, meanwhile, will need a bit more of a push, even with a 'recognizable' character. After all, it won't be Harrison Ford up on the screen. Still, we've seen some things leak out regarding the film. Donald Glover has already showcased his Lando mustache, and concept art has revealed some of the new vehicles we can expect in the movie. Hopefully, something more concrete involving Han Solo will arrive soon.

Source: Twitter [2]

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