Han Solo: Warwick Davis' Role Reportedly Revealed

Warwick Davis

Veteran Star Wars actor Warwick Davis is rumored to be portraying a new robot called "Fight Droid 2" in the young Han Solo spinoff movie. The thespian has been a part of the galaxy far, far away since he was a child, famously portraying the Ewok Wicket in 1983's Return of the Jedi. Since then, he's had multiple cameo roles in other franchise installments, appearing as a patron in Maz Kanata's castle during The Force Awakens and one of Saw Gerrera's Rebel extremists in Rogue One. This year, fans will get a double serving of Davis, who voices Rukh on Star Wars Rebels and will show up in The Last Jedi.

Since Davis has been an integral part of the Star Wars family for decades (he's also a great showman hosting Celebration panels), it went without saying there would be a spot for him in Han Solo as well - especially once Ron Howard, Davis' Willow director, stepped in to take over for the fired Phil Lord and Chris Miller. While Davis' mystery part in the anthology was never expected to be all that substantial, it will still be fun for viewers to spot him out amongst the bevy of extras that will populate rough corners of the galaxy. Now, they have some idea of what to look for next summer.

According to Making Star Wars, Davis is going to play a new take on the classic power droid, called Fight Droid 2. Whereas the original incarnation of this robot was basically a "box with legs," what Howard has in store has the potential to be a little more entertaining onscreen. Fight Droid 2 is allegedly "decked out with weapons," including a buzz saw and a chainsaw. It is unknown if there's a Fight Droid 1 (or if there is, what happened to it), but it nevertheless should be fun to see this creation in action. The context of how Fight Droid 2 fits into the narrative is a mystery for now, but it's possible Han attends some kind of combat droid event where machines battle to the death or he passes it on the street.

Star Wars Western Han Solo

Rumors of a Darth Vader appearance coupled with presumed plot developments like Han's first meeting with Chewbacca and winning the Millennium Falcon from Lando Calrissian have caused some to fear the anthology is going to lean too heavily on familiar franchise elements in order to appeal to audiences. While Han Solo will surely flesh out things alluded to in the original trilogy, the film is poised to have its fair share of unique aspects to standout. Locations like Kira's (Emilia Clarke) museum and the spice mines of Kessel have never been seen on the big screen, and Fight Droid 2 sounds to be quite different as well. Prequels run the risk of making their respective universe smaller, but Han Solo's emphasis on its title character's pre-New Hope exploits theoretically should have the opposite effect. After all, Han had seen a lot of strange stuff in his time, so this represents an opportunity for Lucasfilm to get "weirder" with what can be in Star Wars.

With the end of September fast approaching, Howard continues to make his way through production, and it's unknown when he will wrap filming. Since cast members like Donald Glover and Paul Bettany have already completed their scenes, it seems likely the Oscar-winner will soon be able to move to post. Hopefully then, Lucasfilm will kickstart their marketing efforts. All eyes are on The Last Jedi for now, but Han Solo is only eight months away from its premiere, meaning a teaser should be on the horizon.

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Source: Making Star Wars

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