Han Solo Movie Trailer Is Cut; Title Reveal Coming Soon

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The first teaser for the upcoming young Han Solo spinoff movie is reportedly edited, and the film's official title should be revealed in the near future. For fans of the galaxy far, far away, the top priority is undoubtedly The Last Jedi, as viewers continue to analyze the full theatrical trailer and purchase their tickets for opening night. And while Lucasfilm's marketing department is concentrating fully on Episode VIII, the studio as a whole continues to plug away at Han Solo, which is still in the midst of production. The crew already held a premature wrap party, but there's still some work left to be done.

Director Ron Howard is set to finish filming soon, and then the studio can finally move on to the next stage of the process, which involves promotion. The helmsman has operated as a one-man advertising firm for the movie on social media posting a collection of set photos, but we've yet to see anything official from Lucasfilm itself. That should change in the near future, as they're in early stages of piecing together some marketing materials.

The news comes courtesy of Cinelinx's Jordan Maison, who has heard from sources a cut of a Han Solo trailer is "floating around." He also claims the film's official name will be unveiled "soon." Earlier this year, leaked images from a merchandising catalog indicated the movie would be called Han Solo: A Star Wars Story, but that obviously has not been confirmed yet.

Heard that some #HanSolo marketing stuff is done & a trailer cut is floating around. No idea when we'll see it, exists. #StarWars

— Jordan Maison (@JordanMaison) October 10, 2017

As for when the general public can expect to see the preview, no timeframe is set in stone yet. Maison mentions November is a possibility, but it's probably more likely the Han Solo teaser is attached to prints of The Last Jedi come December. The next couple of months will see hype for Episode VIII go into overdrive with a bevy of television spots and international trailers for the next chapter in the Skywalker saga. If Lucasfilm were to drop something for Han Solo in the middle of all that, they would run the risk of overshadowing their second anthology film. Since being acquired by Disney, Lucasfilm has made a habit of advertising one film at a time, so odds are they won't put anything out for Han Solo until Last Jedi has already debuted. That means they'll be putting together one truncated campaign for it (five months separate the two on the release schedule), but it'll ensure they can focus all their efforts on a singular project.

For many reasons, the first Han Solo teaser will be an item of great interest to viewers. The premise of the project was enough to make many wary, but the film also endured a rather shocking and unprecedented director shift late in principal photography, with Howard stepping in for the fired Phil Lord and Chris Miller back in June. Ever since the Oscar-winner took over and has been making the film in his own vision, there's been much curiosity over what the final product will look like. Obviously, a trailer will provide moviegoers with a small taste, and hopefully Han Solo can join the ranks of great films that had extremely troubled productions.

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Source: Jordan Maison

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