Possible Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer Description Leaks Online

A possible description for the first Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer has emerged online. The film, which is due in theaters May 2018, is the second of Lucasfilm's Star Wars spinoffs they're releasing in between episodes of the Skywalker saga sequel trilogy. As many know by now, it went through quite an upheaval during production, with Ron Howard replacing the fired Phil Lord and Chris Miller very late in the game once the project apparently went off track. Fans are still waiting for official Solo marketing materials to debut, though the premiere of The Last Jedi probably had something to do with that silence.

The unprecedented director change and massive amounts of reshoots have caused some to wonder about the project's potential quality, though as the old saying goes, one well-cut preview can make all the difference in the world. Word has it we'll finally get our first look at Solo in the near future, but before then, some alleged details about what the trailer will entail have come to light.

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Reddit user Risssk posted the hypothetical rundown on the Star Wars Leaks subreddit, without providing any context for how he/she received this information. You can see it in the space below, though fans would be smart to keep their grains of salt handy:

Han walking, angle only shows his holstered blaster

Wookiees getting transferred somewhere. Planet looked new, never seen it before

Shot from behind of Han approaching a large crowd surrounding a table or something

Close up of Han’s dice

There’s like one shot of Woody’s character, but it was in a dark alley area and he looked paranoid

Han doing his “Yehoo!” yell and the Falcon going through light speed

Chewbacca roaring and running next to Han

Somebody says “it’s not worth the risk”, pretty sure Lando says it

There is a cut-to-black and somebody says “l’ll make him pay” and there’s a huge long rifle on a table with some armor piece next to it

Didn’t see much of GoT chick’s character. There’s a “This Summer” title card that shows right after a glimpse of a handful of stormtroopers walking down an alley.

Ron Howard Solo Trailer

"Leaked" trailer descriptions for upcoming tentpoles happen all the time, and rarely are they ever spot on. Odds are this one is mostly false as well (the top post in the Reddit thread implies as much), though some of the shots sound plausible enough to be included. Among the topics Solo will cover are Han's fateful first meeting with Chewbacca and winning the Millennium Falcon from Lando Calrissian, so Wookiees (most likely prisoners of the Empire) being transferred and Solo's famous gold dice will likely be included. One thing that is odd, however, is the lack of confirmation a real look at Ehrenreich's Han will be in the footage. Considering how much of the spinoff's success is dependent on his performance, it seems likely Lucasfilm would want to place their star front and center to quell any fears about Ehrenreich taking over for Harrison Ford. Even Howard's famous social media set photos never showed Ehrenreich, so the studio is holding back the reveal for something.

Solo is in a bit of a fascinating place five months from release, with people hearing radically different things about how it's shaping up. While the latest rumors suggest Disney is preparing for it to bomb, others have countered that with reports about Lucasfilm being very happy with the way things turned out under Howard's watch. The general public still has nothing concrete from the spinoff to judge themselves, so there will be major pressure on the teaser to deliver and generate positive buzz. Considering Lucasfilm's success with cutting great trailers before, they should be able to excel at selling Solo too.

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Source: Risssk

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