Star Wars Toy Leak May Reveal Han Solo Movie Title [UPDATED]

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UPDATE: The tweet in question has been removed due to a copyright claim. The original article follows.

A new Star Wars toy leak suggests the official title for the upcoming young Han Solo spinoff movie will be... Han Solo: A Star Wars Story. In typical Lucasfilm fashion, details about the second anthology film have been hard to come by, with the studio barely mentioning it at their D23 presentation in July. Part of this could be due to the fact this December's The Last Jedi is of greater importance in terms of marketing, but they may also be waiting to see how Han Solo rounds into shape once production is over. The reshoots under new director Ron Howard are so substantial, Michael K. Williams' character was cut from the movie due to scheduling conflicts. There are a lot of unknowns in play here.

The film's actual name - which at one point was expected to be revealed at D23 - is one of those many mysteries fans are curious to learn. Lucasfilm typically shares this kind of information on their own terms when they're ready, but those pesky toy leaks that have plagued The Last Jedi for months have now struck next year's prequel, revealing what could be the official title in the process.

Twitter user Girl With The Staff posted an image of toy production materials - pages of some kind of publication that highlight new Star Wars microfighters LEGO sets. On the left hand side is a logo for Han Solo: A Star Wars Story (with a "Confidential" watermark stamped across), the design of which resembles the one Lucasfilm used for last year's Rogue One - only with a different style font. You can check it out for yourself in the space below:

Han Solo movie title revealed by toy production materials (cc. @MakingStarWars)

— Girl With The Staff (@hayleyglyphs) August 22, 2017

Han Solo premieres five short months after The Last Jedi, meaning Lucasfilm's licensing partners are probably hard at work on developing their tie-in products for the spinoff. While the studio doesn't share major spoilers with toy manufacturers, the likes of Hasbro and LEGO are still privy to certain details so they can make an entertaining collection of products. This would most likely include the movie's official logo, since that is used on packaging and other materials. It's worth mentioning the logo in the magazine appears to be the same one from a 2015 DeviantArt post, so it's possible this is just a placeholder mockup and not the real deal. Still, the arguably uninspired title choice makes a good deal of sense for promotional purposes. Han Solo is one of the most beloved and recognizable characters in the franchise, and the Star Wars Story label was used for the highly-successful Rogue One. This could be the moniker for all the spinoffs to help them differentiate from the saga installments.

It will be interesting to see when Lucasfilm starts to peel back the curtain on Han Solo, especially with Force Friday II set to shine a bright spotlight on The Last Jedi in a little over a week. Howard is said to be shooting through September, so maybe when production wraps, the studio will celebrate by announcing the title and perhaps a short teaser. Time will tell, but Lucasfilm will have to get the ball rolling on advertising sooner or later.

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