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Han Solo director Ron Howard has posted yet another behind-the-scenes photo from the set, this one revealing a look at the interior of a speeder car. While the second Star Wars anthology film will once again depict the classic Millennium Falcon (with a different paint scheme), it is going to continue the tried and true franchise tradition of adding new vehicles to the canon. Fans have known for a while Han's days as a racer would be shown in the spinoff, since some of the earliest leaks from the set (when Phil Lord and Chris Miller were still on the project) showed the speeder cars in action.

Based on videos and photos from earlier in the summer, Lord and Miller had shot some of these sequences, but with evidence suggesting Howard is more or less starting from scratch (so Han Solo can maintain a singular, consistent vision), it was safe to assume the creative team was not done with the speeder cars. As the Oscar-winner continues the production, he's going back to his American Graffiti roots by filming a youngster with a knack for going fast.

Taking to Twitter, Howard shared a picture of a car with an unknown pilot sitting in the driver's seat. It's impossible to say for sure, but this could very well be Solo himself, considering the gloves the character is wearing are the same ones Han sports during A New Hope. You can check out the image in the space below:

It should be exciting to see how Howard handles any racing set pieces in Han Solo given the raves the director's Rush received a few years ago. That film, based on the true story of the iconic Formula One rivalry between James Hunt and Niki Lauda, was fueled by captivating and engrossing sequences of races between the two. If Howard can translate that approach to the galaxy far, far away, audiences should be in for quite a treat. Surely, some will make comparisons to podracing in The Phantom Menace, but the speeder cars are a new concept for a series that's continuing to expand. There should be some cool merchandise connected to the vehicles - perhaps even a high-performance drone.

At this point in time, it's difficult to gauge how much of Han Solo there is left to shoot. Donald Glover wrapped his role as Lando Calrissian a couple of weeks about, but frequent Howard collaborator Paul Bettany recently joined the cast, implying there are still a number of scenes left to complete. The crew has been working hard under Howard's guidance since late June, and reports at the time of his hiring suggested filming would run through September. By all accounts, the movie should be finished soon, and hopefully viewers learn more details about what's in store next May.

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