Han Solo: Leaked Concept Art Teases Vehicle Designs

Some potential concept art for the Han Solo movie has leaked, teasing the new ships of the movie and Alden Ehrenreich suited up as the titular rogue.

Star Wars Han Solo Film Blaster Shooting

Some potential concept art has leaked for Disney and Lucasfilm's upcoming Han Solo film, teasing the plethora of new ships that will be on display in the upcoming anthology film. Like the two previous Star Wars films under Disney management, this year's The Last Jedi will be coming in December. The second of Lucasfilm's spin-off/anthology films, however, will be coming sooner than originally expected. Just five months after the eighth movie in the Skywalker Saga hits theaters, the as-yet-untitled Han Solo prequel will debut.

We've known for some time that Alden Ehrenreich is playing the younger version of the popular rogue, and a Han Solo cast photo helped flesh out the rest of the principle cast. Since then, however, only little bits of information have come out regarding the movie. We know Michael K. Williams will be involved, possibly playing the villain. We've also seen a glimpse of the Han Solo movie set thanks to the recent Force For Change video. Outside of that, it's anyone's guess as to what the movie will look or who will be playing what roles. We may, however, now have more details concerning the new vehicles in the film.

Star Wars News Net have uncovered some potential concept art from the movie, teasing a bunch of new ship designs and their early construction, along with a sketch of Ehrenreich as the young Han Solo. All told, the new designs look both fascinating and familiar, with innovative new elements and aspects that most Star Wars fans will recognize.

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Star Wars Han Solo Film Blaster Shooting

Only time will tell if these designs are authentic, but they certainly look like the real thing. A few even bear the production title for the film, 'The Red Cup' (give it a minute). They're also shockingly detailed and there's clearly a few shots of the beginning of construction for a ship that looks like a troop transport.

Despite the fact that even the actors of the film find the secrecy of the Han Solo movie difficult, it's hard for a blockbuster to keep everything under wraps nowadays. The Star Wars movies are better than most at that, but with such a large production, it's easy for things to leak. Awhile back, we even learned some of the (possible) names of new characters in the Han Solo film.

With a year left until the movie reaches theaters, we should be getting official footage and screenshots from Han Solo before The Last Jedi hits theaters. With D23 and San Diego Comic-Con both taking place in July, don't be surprised if something surfaces then.

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Source: Star Wars News Net

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