Han Solo: Ron Howard Teases Stressful Smuggling Scene

A new image from the set of Han Solo teases a tense smuggling scene, likely involving the film's hero. With just 8 months until the release of the Han Solo anthology film, not much is known about the movie. We've had no trailer, no photos of the cast in costume, and the movie still doesn't even have an official title. Instead, most of the focus on the film has been the change-ups behind the scenes. Considering the prequel about Han's early adventures is already a tough sell for fans, Lucasfilm would be wise to put out something positive regarding the film.

In the meantime, most of what we've learned about the movie has come from Ron Howard's dispatches from the set. Since he took over as a director, he's been regularly sharing images from the set that tease certain scenes. While little information can be gleamed from these photos, they've still led to interesting theories. One such theory is that Thandie Newton's character is an Imperial officer, while another suggests Jabba the Hutt will appear in the movie. Now, we have yet another tease from the set.

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Howard shared a new photo on his Twitter account today, teasing a stressful smuggling scene. As usual, not much can be gleamed from the image, but it shows that filming is still underway.

Director's monitor. Turns out Smuggling has its stressful moments in the #Galaxy

— Ron Howard (@RealRonHoward) October 5, 2017

From the look of the image, we could be seeing Han pulling off a smuggling job on a ship. The character wasn't too old once he appeared in A New Hope, so there's not necessarily that much to explore from his past. Still, the prospect of a heist film set in the Star Wars universe may be the movie's saving grace. Whether this is a smaller job or the film's main one, it's unclear.

As mentioned before, the photo also confirms that production is still ongoing for the film. We know that reshoots have been taking place under Howard's watch, in order to reconfigure the movie following the departure of original directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. It's also been indicated that Howard is filming some brand-new scenes for the movie too, and this smuggling sequence could very well be one of those new additions.

With that in mind - costars Donald GloverPaul Bettany, and Emilia Clarke have all finished filming on the Han Solo movie at this point, along with Newton. That suggests that it won't be too much longer before star Alden Ehrenreich wraps his own final scene for the movie too. Perhaps then we'll finally get a trailer and/or find out what this Star Wars Story is even called?

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Source: Ron Howard

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