Han Solo: Ron Howard Shows Off New R2 Unit

Star Wars Alden Ehrenreich and Donald Glover as Han Solo and Lando Calrissian

Young Han Solo spinoff helmsman Ron Howard has posted another image from the set, this one depicting him providing some direction for one of the film's droid characters. The Oscar winner took over for the fired Phil Lord and Chris Miller back in late June and has worked hard at getting the project back on track following the kerfuffle. Over the past month, he's been quite transparent through the whole process, sharing various looks behind the scenes that offer fans glimpses of the characters in costume and the Millennium Falcon flying through hyperspace. His photo gallery has served as nice damage control for the movie, giving viewers plenty to be excited about.

Howard's pictures are essentially the only pieces of marketing that exist for Han Solo, which remains under lock and key as the cast and crew make their way through production. Among the many mysteries are the new characters that have yet to be revealed, as several of the actors are publicly in undisclosed roles. This means it's unknown if the anthology will feature a droid in a main capacity like all of its predecessors, but Han Solo won't be completely devoid of robots. The latest shots call for at least one astromech.

Taking to his Twitter account, Howard shared a new photo of himself interacting with a seemingly cantankerous white and gold R2 unit as they try to figure out the scene. It's a humorous image that shows Howard is having a lot of fun while making Han Solo, truly enjoying the experience. You can check out the picture in the space below:

Howard's caption is quite amusing itself, since the words could be applied to the movie, and not just a difficult droid co-star. It's true creative differences happen frequently on big-budget tentpoles, but the Han Solo situation was quite unprecedented given the timing of it all, making things very intractable for Lucasfilm. For his part, however, Howard is keeping optimism high, promising his followers, "But we'll go until we get it right!" There's a lot riding on Han Solo and those involved obviously want it to be a major success when it comes out in May 2018, so Howard and crew are not taking their responsibilities lightly. The studio has already shown (via extreme measures) that they will do anything if they feel it'll help Han Solo, and time will tell if they made the right decisions.

Lord and Miller's surprising dismissal gave viewers reason to be concerned about Han Solo, but it appears things may not be as dire as originally thought. Most of the footage the duo shot is said to be "very usable" and Disney licensees were impressed by a sizzle reel that was shown earlier this summer. Howard has assured moviegoers everything is coming along great, so hopefully the project is entirely stable as it marches its way towards the finish line.

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