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Chewbacca decides to keep an eye on the latest scenes being shot for the young Han Solo spinoff movie in a new set photo shared by director Ron Howard. Lucasfilm's second Star Wars anthology movie has been on a roller coaster ride over the last month, as original helmsmen Phil Lord and Chris Miller were fired four months into production due to creative differences. Oscar-winner Howard quickly stepped in to pick up the pieces and get the project across the finish line. He's been hard at work since the end of June, teasing fans with looks behind-the-scenes - including an elaborate wardrobe for one of the characters.

Despite all that's been going on with Han Solo, Lucasfilm barely made mention of the film during the live-action panel at D23 this past weekend. While that certainly upset viewers hoping for a clearing of the air, an argument can be made that it's more important the creative team works hard on getting the actual movie right, as opposed to dedicating some time for a convention presentation. Everyone is committed to delivering a high-quality product, and that includes a well-known Wookiee.

Taking to Twitter, Howard showed off another picture from the set. This one shows Chewie fully focused as he examines the monitors alongside other crew members. You can check it out in the space below:

Though actor Joonas Suotamo in complete Chewie costume is the main attraction here, Howard's camera looks to have captured a small portion the film. On the screen in the upper right hand corner, what seems to be two Wookiees sharing an emotional moment are shown. It's already been confirmed that Han Solo will reveal how the scoundrel formed his lifelong bond with the walking carpet, so perhaps Chewie is bidding farewell to a friend or family member before fulfilling his life debt to Han. Star Wars canon materials, including the novel Aftermath: Life Debt, revealed Chewbacca left loved ones behind as the Empire ravaged his home planet Kashyyyk. It wouldn't be out of the question for Han Solo to have a scene depicting Chewie making this difficult choice, promising one day he'll return to save everyone. This is all theorizing on our part, but it's one distinct possibility.

While Howard's pictures are fun to see (and assure moviegoers production is back running smoothly), many are wondering when Lucasfilm will unveil an actual look at the film - be it a teaser, photo of the cast in-character, or even a behind-the-scenes featurette. The director shakeup understandably made several worry about the movie's prospects, but there are still 10 months until it hits theaters, and The Last Jedi is a bigger priority at this point in time. An official Han Solo marketing campaign will begin soon enough, but for now, tiny glimpses from the set make for solid bits of promotion.

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