11 Han Solo Movie Rumors We Hope Are True (And 4 We Hope Aren’t)

Although the movie is now in post-production, the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars got off to a rocky start. Not only did the film see a shake-up with its original directors, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, but the replacement director, Ron Howard, made many fans question whether this movie would offer the kind of entertainment they expected.

On top of those problems, there were already rumors of some performance issues with the film's star, Alden Ehrenreich, as well as rumors about what the movie would include from the Star Wars universe. Then there's the talk about reshoots, which are rarely a good sign -  although fans can only hope those reshoots made it better, as they did with Rogue One.

Fans want to have faith in this movie, because that's what Star Wars fans do: believe wholeheartedly in the Force. But rumors run rampant about the trouble production. At least lately some of those rumors seem like things we will want from the movie, while there are other that we would utterly dread.

Here are 11 Han Solo Movies Rumors We Hope Are True (And 4 We Hope Aren’t).

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15 True: The Kessel Run


The Star Wars universe features a lot of planets that we still haven't seen on film. Some of these are from the comic books, video games, novels and animated offerings, but others are known through mentions in previous movies. One of the most infamous, though, is Kessel.

This rumor could prove true, as director Ron Howard posted a teaser image on Twitter of something that could resemble a mine shaft. Kessel is a mining planet. Then there's this thing called the "Kessel Run," which the Millennium Falcon apparently did in record time (although Han's statement in the original trilogy about this is hotly debated).

Will fans finally see the famous Kessel Run? And will they finally have an answer to one of the most contested questions in the Star Wars universe?

14 False: Director change has hurt film

Cast of Solo: A Star Wars Story

Earlier this year, Disney announced that Solo's original directors, Phil Lord and Chris Miller, would leave the project, presumably fired.

Disney's statements after that were mostly based on creative decisions the team made (yes, it's the old "creative differences" argument again). Then Disney announced that Ron Howard would become the film's new director. Howard isn't exactly the first person that would come to mind as a director for a Star Wars movie. Now, rumors report that Howard spent a lot of time reshooting most of the movie. If Justice League taught us anything, it's how some directing styles just clash on the screen. We hope similar rumors about Solo aren't true, and that the final cut ends up feeling like a cohesive story from one director.

13 True: Old Han or Lando as narrator

Han Solo

One of the most exciting unconfirmed rumors about the Han Solo movie is that it will have a narrator with a specific interest in the film's story. Some rumors suggest that this narrator is the older Han Solo himself, although the timeline for that would require a framing device set before the events in The Force Awakens.

Considering that Harrison Ford does not want to return to the role, though, it's unlikely. It is, however, possible, though that another character in the story will serve as narrator, like the older Lando Calrissian (as portrayed by Billy Dee Williams in the original trilogy). Since a young Lando will appear in the movie, Williams' narration would likely make fans cheer with glee. The framing narration would be a first for a Star Wars movie.

12 True: Other Rumored Planets

Star Wars planets

There are so many places and worlds that the Star Wars films have not shown yet, at least according to the long list of planets that fans have seen in other media. With Han Solo being a smuggler and someone who traveled a lot, especially in his youth, there are rumors that these planets will finally get some time on the silver screen in Solo.

It's very likely that the film will feature Corellia, Han's birthplace and home. Reports also suggest that Iridium, a planet of space pirates only mentioned in the expanded universe, will put in an appearance. Others include Savareen (a planet with really good brandy, which would probably hold importance for a smuggler) and Vandor (a rocky planet that appears in the Expanded Universe).

11 False: Alden Ehrenreich is miscast as Han

During the debacle of filming with Lord and Miller, a lot of disturbing news came out of the Solo production. One of the rumors concerned Lucasfilm hiring an acting coach for the actor who plays Han, Alden Ehrenreich, because his acting was so bad.

This doesn't bode well at all for a character that Star Wars fans know and love.  It's already bad enough that fans will expect someone to live up to the charm and wit of the character as originally created by Harrison Ford. But if Ehrenreich can't even speak dialogue correctly, there is a lot to worry about. However, Ehrenreich has received rave reviews for past performances, particularly his role in the Coen brothers' Hail, Caesar! Hopefully his troubles here had everything to do with bad direction, and Howard managed to get a better performance out of his cast.

10 True: Darth Vader

Who doesn't love Darth Vader? Honestly, Star Wars fans would probably love it if Vader appeared in every single film, whether he belonged there or not. Who doesn't want to hear James Earl Jones' heavy breathing and terrifyingly deep voice every chance they can get?

Naturally, there is a rumor that Darth Vader will appear in Solo. It would make sense, as this film takes place during a time that sees Vader's rise to power. There are already reports that the character appeared on set of the movie. But why is he there? What capacity will he serve in the movie's storytelling? Did Han come up against Darth Vader earlier than we ever knew? It doesn't really matter, because a Vader appearance would be welcomed by fans all over the world.

9 True: The Cantina

Star Wars cantina

One of the most famous bars in the world isn't even real. It's the fictional bar called the Mos Eisley Cantina from Star Wars, that infamous place where Han (or Greedo, depending on who you ask) shot first. It's that cozy little den where every alien creature imaginable sidles up to the counter and asks for whatever the bartender has on tap.

Given that the Cantina is somewhere Han seems to feel at home at in the original trilogy, it's likely that he'll spend some time there in his solo movie - or at least that's what the rumors suggest. Howard recently shared a clip of a brawl that happens to look like something which happened in Mos Eisley, so we're counting on this one as true.

8 False: The Death Star

Death Star

The Death Star is one of those Star Wars contrivances that refuses to go away. Sure, it seemed really awesome when Darth Vader first oversaw its construction during the original trilogy, but then it began to haunt fans by appearing over and over again throughout the franchise.

It even became an important plot point in Rogue One: the movie's entire story revolved around stealing the plans for the planet-killing weapon. In The Force Awakens, they called it the Starkiller Base, but it's basically the same thing.

It's no surprise that fans expect at least a mention of the Death Star in Solo, but let's hope that it doesn't become a major sticking point with the plot yet again.

7 True: Jabba the Hutt

Jabba the Hutt with a Rodian in Star Wars A New Hope

Jabba the Hutt both fascinated and disgusted fans when he first appeared in Return of the Jedi. This is the evil creature that made Princess Leia wear that infamous metal bikini when he held her as a slave - at least until she choked him with her own chains. He's a villain that fans seem to adore.

Since we know Han had previous dealings with Jabba, there are rumors that the Hutt will get some more screen time in Solo. There's just one problem: Jabba was important to the script the now-fired directors worked on. The good news is that reports suggest that's one of the few things the new director didn't touch. Here's hoping Jabba will appear in all his slimy, sluggish glory in the new movie.

6 True: Thandie Newton as Han’s first wife

Thandie Newton as Maeve in Westworld

When Thandie Newton got cast to play an undisclosed character in Solo, fans began to speculate about what her role exactly was. It's one of Hollywood's best kept secrets and Newton can only say that she signed a non-disclosure agreement about the character, meaning that her lips remain sealed.

Most of the speculation suggests that the character is actually Han's first wife, a woman he knew long before Princess Leia stole his heart and made him say, "I know." Perhaps the movie will show their relationship, as well as how it eventually ended, leaving Han single and ready to mingle just in time for A New Hope. This is a character that already exists in the canon Marvel comic books, so why not?

5 False: First Movie of a Trilogy

Star Wars - Harrison Ford as Han Solo

The truth is that when Disney announced plans to release a Han Solo prequel movie, many fans were less than excited. Since Harrison Ford is the only Han anyone has ever known, could anyone else even begin to bring the sarcasm, wit. and charm to the role in the same way that he did?

It also didn't assuage fans' concerns when problems arose with the Solo film's production. But rumors still suggest that Disney wants to create a trilogy of movies around the character. Reportedly, actor Alden Ehrenreich signed on to do a trio of movies. But is that something fans really want? Yes, Han had a lot of adventures in his youth, but do we need to see each one?

4 True: Maz Kanata

Maz Kanata

The character of Maz Kanata became a huge hit for The Force Awakens. In that movie, she served a very Yoda-like role, and it's obvious that like Yoda, she's very old. That means she was around when Han Solo was a young smuggler, so an appearance in Solo could happen.

The rumor stems from an interview with Funko about merchandise surrounding the movie in which the company mentioned Lupita Nyong’o, who portrays the character. Considering that we don't know a lot about the character and seeing her in her younger form would make fans pretty excited, let's hope that this is one rumor that is true. It would also explain her previous relationship with Han, too, as he seemed to know her fairly well in The Force Awakens.

3 True: Trailer will drop soon

Solo-A Star Wars Story

With The Last Jedi arriving in theaters, the rumor that a Solo trailer might appear with it has begun to pick up steam. It would make sense, considering that Disney could use the latest Star Wars movie to create new buzz about the Solo film, too. There's also the fact that the Solo movie releases in May 2018: that's only five months away. And fans have seen absolutely zero footage from it.

It is highly likely that a trailer will drop any day now, and Disney could miss a huge opportunity if they did not release the trailer while The Last Jedi is out, as it will have Star Wars fans packed in theaters like sardines for the next few months. If the trailer for Solo doesn't land this month, all bets point to January.

2 True: Newer Millennium Falcon

Millennium Falcon

The Millennium Falcon is probably one of the most beloved starships in all of science fiction fandom. The vehicle itself also has an interesting history: it landed in Han Solo's hands after he won it off Lando Calrissian in a game of sabacc.

Fans already have hopes that they get to see this development actually take place in Solo, but that means something else, too: rumors suggest that the ship will look a lot newer than we've ever seen it. It makes sense that the Millennium Falcon will appear more spruced up: in the timeline, it's a newer ship. Instead of its dirty gunmetal gray, concept art shows it as white with blue trim; a sleeker model than what fans have seen before.

1 True: How Han met Chewie

Han Solo and Chewbacca

The friendship between Han Solo, a human, and Chewbacca, a Wookiee, is one of the best friendships ever seen in film. But how did they meet? The books tackled the story (and no spoilers here), but the movies haven't really mentioned it.

If Solo shows anything, this first meeting is probably what they would prefer to see over everything else: these are, after all, two of the most beloved characters in the Star Wars universe.

Rumors suggest that this is one of the story lines that Solo will tackle. It's one of those things that would fulfill the fantasies of lifelong fans of the franchise: seeing that friendship's beginnings and how it developed to become what fans have loved for years.


What are your hopes and fears for Solo? Let us know in the comments!

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