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The latest rumors about the young Han Solo movie uncover possible locations and details about the plot. While fans are impatiently counting down the days until The Last Jedi opens in theaters, Lucasfilm is still in the process of trying to complete their troubled anthology film. Still set for release in May 2018, Ron Howard continues to roll the cameras as members of cast wrap their roles. When the Oscar-winning director first stepped in for the fired Phil Lord and Chris Miller, it was said production would run through September, but the calendar has turned to October and there are still scenes to shoot.

With so much attention being paid to Episode VIII at this point in time, information regarding Han Solo's story has been pretty hard to come by - even by Lucasfilm standards. Outside of vague revelations made by Disney CEO Bob Iger, it's been anyone's guess what the narrative will entail. Now, however, a basic outline of the plot may have been revealed alongside a list of planets viewers will visit.

According to Making Star Wars, the Han Solo movie will feature at least five different worlds: Corellia, Kessel, Iridium, Savareen, and Vandor. Those first two have long been rumored to factor into the spinoff, with Howard outright confirming Kessel in one of his many set photos. Corellia, which is Han's home world, is believed to be the site where he races speeders (something that Howard has also teased). The others are lesser known; Iridium and Savareen are Outer Rim planets that have been mentioned in non-movie franchise materials, while Vandor was part of the Coruscant system in the old Expanded Universe. Making Star Wars notes it's possible this place is actually called Fondor, which will appear in Battlefront II.

The outlet believes the film's structure will follow a trajectory of depicting Han's days as a racer before he joins the Empire alongside his mentor Beckett (played by Woody Harrelson). Everything seems fine until one day the two refuse "to do something evil" and end up being sent to the spice mines of Kessel as punishment. There, Han meets Chewbacca and frees the walking carpet (along with other Wookiees possibly) and a life debt is formed as audiences then meet Lando Clarissian and the Millennium Falcon. This certainly sounds reasonable, and it would be an excellent way of having the Empire's role be a natural inclusion in the story as opposed to a forced connection. Fans of Legends will recall this follows Han's backstory in the now defunct EU, where he was an Imperial before his smuggling days. Lucasfilm has borrowed concepts from Legends for their new films before, so it isn't surprising they could be doing more of the same for Han Solo.

Hopefully, fans learn some official details about the project in the near future. Obviously, The Last Jedi is top priority, but Han Solo will be here before you know it. Five months separate it from Episode VIII, so the studio is going to have to put out at least a teaser soon. Maybe when Howard finally wraps and moves on to post, Lucasfilm will share some more information.

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Source: Making Star Wars

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