Disney Finally Shows Solo: A Star Wars Story Footage At Germany Event

The first footage from Solo: A Star Wars Story may have been shown at a Disney press event in Germany, and the first reaction is very positive. Though the spinoff opens in theaters a little more than four months from now, Lucasfilm continues to hold back any official marketing materials as The Last Jedi progresses through its box office run. So far, fans have had to make do with leaked promotional artwork and LEGO packaging while they impatiently wait for the first trailer. After all the film's been through, a well-cut preview could go a long way in changing the conversation around it.

All signs are pointing to a major Solo push coming in the near future. Lucasfilm has unveiled an official synopsis promising escapades through the galactic underworld, and rumors persist a teaser is right around the corner (probably to be attached to Black Panther). In the meantime, it looks like Disney has finally showcased something from the film at an event in Munich.

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A Facebook post from filmmaker Holger Frick details what was shared in Germany, offering his thoughts on the presentation. Frick was very enthusiastic, suggesting Solo will be worth the wait.

His use of the phrase "fan-service-movie" will most likely be the biggest sticking point for moviegoers, given the negative connotation that term carries. Both The Force Awakens and Rogue One were criticized in some circles for relying too heavily on nostalgia, so it could be potentially off-putting if Solo follows suit. However, this may be exactly what Star Wars needs at this point in time. As Frick indicates, The Last Jedi proved to be very divisive as it turned the saga formula on its head and perhaps went too far in the opposite direction. An old-school adventure flick with Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Lando Calrissian wrecking havoc in the Millennium Falcon certainly has its appeal. If Ron Howard was able to capture that classic Star Wars tone, Lucasfilm could have a crowd-pleasing blockbuster on their hands. Of course, Star Wars fans are a fickle bunch, so time will tell how they'll ultimately react.

This is just one person's opinion, but it's nevertheless encouraging to hear the first bit of Solo footage went over well. Due to the production issues, there's growing concern about the movie's prospects, but all of the pieces for an entertaining movie have been in place for some time. Lucasfilm is riding a nice hot streak into Solo with three consecutive $1 billion box office successes that were well-received critically, so they seem to have a strong handle on their cash cow. Considering everything they put into Solo to get it right, that could continue this summer.

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Source: Holger Frick

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