Han Solo: Donald Glover Wraps Filming As Lando

Star Wars Alden Ehrenreich and Donald Glover as Han Solo and Lando Calrissian

Donald Glover, who plays Lando Calrissian in the young Han Solo spinoff movie, has wrapped his scenes. More so than previous Star Wars productions, the second anthology film has had quite a roller coaster journey to the big screen. Initially, filming was supposed to be completed in July, but the firings of original directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller set it back a bit. Ron Howard took over in late June, with the plan being to shoot until September. Seeing as that month is right around the corner (as of this writing), the cast and crew should be putting the finishing touches on principal photography/reshoots.

Howard has done his best to change the conversation around Han Solo, using his social media platforms to post pictures and videos from the set as a way of drumming up excitement. Of course, these images have been short on plot details, but the filmmaker did give viewers their first look at Glover's Lando - showing the scoundrel clad in a gold jacket inside the Millennium Falcon. The Atlanta creator is once again the subject of Howard's latest behind-the-scenes photo, commemorating his time on the project.

Taking to Twitter, Howard shared a picture of himself with Glover, announcing the actor "wrapped his work" recently. The director was unsurprisingly complimentary of his star, calling Glover "wildly impressive" and saying the crew will miss having him on set. You can see the image in the space below:

With so much of Han Solo in limbo (see: Michael K. Williams being cut), it will be interesting to see how substantial a role Lando has in the spinoff. He should prove to be a key player in the proceedings, as the film is expected to show how Han won the Falcon from his buddy. Many are excited to see the duo's past, which was only briefly alluded to in the Skywalker saga. After Rogue One changed the way some see A New Hope, the hope is Han Solo can have a similar effect on The Empire Strikes Back, giving Han and Lando's interactions new layers and meanings. It unfortunately appears there is no room for Lando in the sequel trilogy, so fleshing the fan-favorite character in a prequel was the best way for Lucasfilm to use Calrissian again. Depending on how things shake out, this could be the final time we see Lando on the big screen, so the onus will be on Howard and company to make it count.

From the sound of things, Howard still has some more material to film before the project itself is a wrap, but he's clearly making good progress and staying on schedule. Though Lucasfilm hardly mentioned Han Solo at their D23 presentation, they did say official details would be revealed in the near future. Granted, The Last Jedi hype is about to go into maximum overdrive, but it would be nice to hear or see something from the spinoff before the year is out. Maybe the studio can use the excitement for Episode VIII as a launching pad for Han Solo marketing.

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