Han Solo Movie Casting Extras Ahead of Filming Start

Han gears up for his solo adventure in a galaxy far, far away as Disney begins hiring extras for the film's production.

Star Wars Han Solo Harrison Ford

Lucasfilm and Disney have finally debuted their first non-saga film in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and the results have been as good as they could have hoped. While the focus for fans now shifts to the impending release of Star Wars: Episode VIII, Lucasfilm will soon turn their attention to the second anthology film on their slate, the untitled young Han Solo movie. Unlike Rogue One dealing almost exclusively with new characters in the lead, Han Solo will see Alden Ehrenreich take over the iconic role from Harrison Ford.

Luckily for him, he is not alone in this quest. Phil Lord and Chris Miller (The LEGO Movie21 Jump Street) are getting their shot at directing a big-budget film here, while Ehrenreich's supporting cast includes Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian and Emilia Clarke in an unspecified role. With filming set for early 2017, Lucasfilm is now looking on fleshing out the cast even further.

Movie Casting Call (via Omega Underground) has posted a new casting call for the smuggler focused film. However, there are no character descriptions attached to the call, making it impossible to determine what types of characters these could be. This likely means that they are looking for background actors or extras, while the studios deal more closely in casting the other bigger roles. While the casting of extras doesn't reveal any significant plot details, it does signal just how close the movie is to the beginning of its production.

Star Wars: Mos Eisley Cantina patrons in A New Hope

Since only three significant characters have been cast so far, there are sure to be a number of new additions to Han Solo in supporting roles announced over the coming months. Everyone involved has kept the plot details to a minimum, making it difficult to theorize which additional characters could be appearing, or how many roles are still up for grabs.

Nonetheless, there should be a wide variety of parts available for extras. Han Solo's adventures are sure to bring him into contact with any number of different individuals and species. Using Rogue One as an example, fans may now see any number of familiar faces from previous Star Wars movies pop up. Lucasfilm may very well hold off until the holidays have passed to announce the casting of other supporting roles, but considering their secrecy so far, the coming announcements will almost certainly be a surprise.

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Source: Movie Casting Call [via Omega Underground]

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