Set photos from the upcoming young Han Solo Star Wars anthology film showcase new vehicles as well as star Alden Ehrenreich in costume as the iconic smuggler. Directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller have been in the midst of principal photography since the cameras started rolling back in February, guiding an all-star cast and crew on the second spinoff movie set in the galaxy far, far away. Fan skepticism is high for a Han Solo prequel, but everyone from J.J. Abrams to Woody Harrelson have praised the project, saying it could be one of the best Star Wars films yet. Obviously, they aren’t going to trash the project one year from release, though their excitement about it is infectious.

Information about the plot has largely been kept under wraps, with official details hard to come by right now. Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed that the story spans six years of Han’s life (from ages 18 – 24) and covers key moments like his first meeting with Chewbacca and acquiring the Millennium Falcon from Lando Calrissian. It’s expected Han Solo will be a major part of this year’s D23 convention, where hopefully some stills or footage will be released. Until then, fans are going to have to settle for whatever they can get – including images taken from the set.

Appearing on TMZ, the pictures don’t reveal a whole lot, but it’s the best look viewers have gotten at the film so far. Ehrenreich is in costume, donning a much different outfit when compared to Han’s get-ups in the saga films. The clothing seems a bit ragged and beat up, complete with stains on the shirt and pants. Ehrenreich is also sporting a very 1970s-esque hairdo to play Han, which is fitting since this movie is set prior to the events of A New Hope. You can see the photos in the tweet below:

The pictures also provide a glimpse of the filmmaking techniques Lord and Miller are incorporating, as several of the pre-ILM vehicles for Han Solo are simply real-world cars and trucks dressed up to appear as if they’re from another universe. It’s safe to say Han’s personal speeder (which some commenters say bears resemblance to a Batmobile) won’t actually move around on wheels when it’s seen on-screen. This is just a way for the directors to incorporate as many practical effects as they can, continuing the tradition of the modern Star Wars movies. Though digital manipulation is definitely a key part of post-production on these tentpoles, everyone Lucasfilm has hired so far has made an effort to shoot as much as they can in-camera. It helps give the films the lived-in aesthetic that made the original trilogy stand out.

One of the benefits Han Solo presents is that it gives the story group a prime opportunity to explore entirely new corners of the galaxy with a narrative that’s inherently removed from the massive wars of the Skywalker saga and even Rogue One. Before he met Luke and Obi-Wan, Han was part of the underworld, smuggling spices and running jobs for nefarious characters like Jabba the Hutt. His mentor Beckett, played by Harrelson, is a criminal with a heart of gold, so Han Solo could be a very different type of Star Wars movie and take the franchise in new directions. It’s hard not to be intrigued by what Lord and Miller have up their sleeves after seeing these photos. Hopefully a teaser is right around the corner.

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Source: TMZ

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