SR Forum: Han Solo, Batman News, Beauty and the Beast Trailer and More!

Join our SR Forum and discuss the biggest news stories of the past week: Han Solo begins filming, Ben Affleck no longer directing The Batman and more!

SR Forum Jan 31 2017 - Batman, Beauty and the Beast, and Han Solo

It's certainly been an interesting week in the world of entertainment. The SAG awards were more about current political issues than they were about movies and TV and two legends in the industry passed away - John Hurt and Mary Tyler Moore. Meanwhile, James Cameron came out with a pointed response to those skeptical of the final door scene in Titanic, while defending blockbuster movies' lack of representation at the Oscars...even though three of his movies - Titanic, Avatar and Terminator 2 - have won 17 Oscars combined.

We've picked a few highlights from the last seven days to help spurn conversation but feel free to discuss any topic (within reason) that catches your fancy. As with any new project, we’ll be updating and modifying the SR Forum post as we find new and interesting ways to present the information and discussion. Give us your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section. As usual, talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself.

Movie News

Warner Bros. probably could've handled the announcement of this departure better, but Affleck taking off one of his many hats is probably best for this movie.

Principle photography for the still-untitled Han Solo movie, filming under the working name "Red Cup", began last week. Hopefully, Donald Glover has read the script by now.

John Hurt was known for his many outstanding performances, but it's his role as Ollivander in the Harry Potter cinematic universe that sticks with the younger audiences.

The next film in the Godzilla franchise is coming along nicely, with "Eleven" making her way in the cast this week. She's appears to be really excited about it, too.

TV News

Black Lightning TV Series

Cloak & Dagger is a well-known property to most comic book fans, but general audiences aren't as well versed in the subject. Casting up-and-coming youngsters in the roles seems like the proper way to go.

Comic book television shows are all the rage right now. Fox continues adding to its comic book lineup by adapting DC's character Black Lightning into their Fall schedule.

NBC is attempting to adapt a cult comedy classic for TV but they're casting the lead as a female and naming her Barb.

Bryan Singer's name is as associated with the X-Men live-action universe as Hugh Jackman. Having him kick off the television show seems like a good idea.

New Trailers

Beauty and the Beast (2017) Soundtrack cover - cropped

The posters have been exquisite. The casting spot on. This trailer appear to be a shot-for-shot remake of the beloved animated Disney classic. Surely there's some original content in the movie, though?

James Gunn's irreverent and dark humor appears to be on full display in this horror/comedy trailer.

Insightful Originals

Deadpool - Oscars

Superhero movies have matured in the last 15 years, so why aren't they getting more recognition during awards season?

Fans were excited when Ben Affleck's was writing, producing, acting AND directing the solo film - it appears to have been more than he could handle.

Interesting Lists

Doctor Strange and MCU Unanswered Questions

Movies like to tell audiences, "We swear this is the last installment!"...then they add one (or two) more movies.

The MCU makes lots of money for Disney/Marvel but it's far from being a flawed cinematic universe.

Opening This Week

Rings - Samara and video

Rings - Watch the Trailer

Set 13 years after the first chapter of the franchise, Samara and her cursed video are back and still looking to kill people.

The Space Between Us - Watch the Trailer

It's a standard love story: Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love with girl. Boy travels from Mars to Earth in order to meet girl.

Gal Gadot as Diana Prince in Wonder Woman 1984
First Wonder Woman 2 Footage Shows Off Diana's Brighter Costume