Donald Glover: Ron Howard Knows The Vision for Han Solo

Star Wars Alden Ehrenreich and Donald Glover as Han Solo and Lando Calrissian

Donald Glover, who portrays young Lando Calrissian in the Han Solo spinoff movie, has offered his thoughts on the infamous director shakeup the project experienced earlier this summer. Towards the end of June, with principal photography close to wrapping up, original helmsmen Phil Lord and Chris Miller were fired due to creative differences. In came Oscar winner Ron Howard to pick up the pieces, and by all accounts, Han Solo has been sailing smoothly ever since. Howard is doing his part keeping the fans in the loop by posting a series of set photos on social media, offering small glimpses into production.

Moviegoers had a difficult time making sense of the unprecedented situation, so one can only imagine what it must have been like for those actually making the movie. There was probably much confusion and chaos as everything went down, which caused some of the lead actors to worry as everything was ironed out.

In an interview with THR, Glover discussed his feelings about the kerfuffle, complimenting Howard's abilities behind the camera while also acknowledging the role Lord and Miller played in his casting:

"Ron is such a legend, and he knows exactly what the vision for what he is doing is … [but Phil and Chris] hired us, so you sort of feel like, 'I know I'm not your first choice …' And you worry about that. To be honest, I don't know exactly what happened. I feel like I was the baby in the divorce, or the youngest child. The oldest child is like, 'We know what's happening, but we are keeping you out of it.' And I'm just like, [Glover's voice rises several octaves] 'Was that scene good? How did you feel?'"

The last thing Lucasfilm needed after dismissing Lord and Miller was losing a fan-favorite star and going through an extensive casting search again, so odds are Howard would not have been hired if he wasn't onboard with the rest of the creative team. As it stands, the Beautiful Mind director has been quick to praise the talents of his actors in the past, so working with such a high-profile group of thespians was probably a key factor in his signing on. Still, Glover's initial fears are perfectly understandable, especially since he finds it challenging to be a "color in someone else's palate." The first few days under Howard's leadership were most likely anxious for all as they tried to get everything back on track. Fortunately, it's coming along great.

Lucasfilm is concentrating on this December's The Last Jedi in terms of promotion, but soon they're going to have to peel back the curtain on Han Solo - since the spinoff remains on course for a May 2018 debut. With many still curious to see how it all will play out, a well-cut trailer would go a long way in calming any remaining nerves. Once Episode VIII premieres, Han Solo will be under the microscope, with an entire galaxy watching.

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Source: THR

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