Thandie Newton Says Han Solo Movie is 'Amazing Collaboration'

Han Solo Thandie Newton

Despite the off-screen turmoil with the shuffling of directors during the production of Solo: A Star Wars Story, star Thandie Newton says the film is an "amazing collaboration." It's been an interesting past 3 1/2 months for the second Star Wars anthology movie, beginning with the firing of co-directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller from the production in June, and the quick hire of veteran Lucasfilm actor and director Ron Howard to finish principal photography on the movie and reshoots.

Per usual for a Star Wars movie production, concrete details on Solo – starring Alden Ehrenreich in the title role and Donald Glover as the young Lando Calrissian – have been extremely hard to come by, save the not-quite-so-revealing social media posts by Howard. That, of course, hasn't stopped the rumors from flying about Solo, including a report earlier this week that Howard reshot “nearly all” of the film for possibly “twice the budget” – despite earlier word from a source close to the production that the most of the footage Lord and Miller shot was "very usuable."

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Now, Newton, who stars in a yet-to-be-disclosed role in Solo, claims in an interview with EW that work on the production was much more status quo than what has been reported, certainly when it comes to the rumors of the film being nearly re-shot. She says:

“Apart from the initial shock and feeling bad for [Lord and Miller] not being able to finish their work, their work is everywhere in it. Ninety percent of my stuff is with them. And it certainly wasn’t about, ‘Oh we have to start again and do it all over.'”

Newton completed her work on Solo in London last month with reshoots on the film, so naturally, she acted under the direction of Howard, too. As to Howard taking over the film from Lord and Miller, the Westworld  star implied there were conversations between the three that led to shaping of the film as a whole.

“I love Phil and Chris — everybody loves Phil and Chris — they’re so brilliant. Ron and the guys were talking to each other. As far as I’m concerned what’s on screen, in the end, is going to be an amazing collaboration. It’s a massive piece. We see so often now there are two directors working on pictures. We already had two with Phil and Chris. Now there’s three. With a project like that where it’s a vision that’s been created over so many years, that’s so expansive, I think it’s less about things going wrong than getting more help to bring it into the best position it can be in. I really like Ron though, he’s very sweet."

Only time will tell whether the transition on Solo from Lord and Miller to Howard was a smooth one or the final product will resemble a hunk of space junk. For the time being, Newton is certainly high on the prospects of the film, which she described as "dope" and "so cool!" She also praises her fellow cast members, which includes Woody Harrelson, Phoebe Waller-Bridge and "the wonderful Game of Thrones angel," Emilia Clarke.

If all goes according to plan, Solo: A Star Wars Story, which wrapped production two weeks ago, will hit theaters on May 25, 2018 – 41 years to the day that the first Star Wars movie hit theaters in 1977.

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Source: EW

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