Former Han Solo Director Tweets Cryptic Star Wars Line

Star Wars Han Solo Chris Miller and Phil Lord

After a tumultuous week, former director of next year's Han Solo, Chris Miller, has finally broken his silence - with a Star Wars reference. Considering how much has happened since news broke that Phil Lord and Chris Miller were fired by Lucasfilm from Han Solo, it can be easy to forget the news only arrived a week ago. In the brief time since then, a somewhat clear narrative has emerged about their departure, mostly focusing on a difference of vision between the creators and the studio. Meanwhile, Ron Howard has come aboard the production, seeking to right the ship ahead of its release next summer.

Though the premiere date could be pushed back to accommodate the change, Howard looks to be getting to work immediately. There's also word that much of the footage shot so far is useable, meaning things might not be as tumultuous as first suspected. Lucasfilm has long had issues with its directors, so it's certainly not impossible for the film to make a full recovery and come out better than ever. In the meantime, many are hoping to hear more from Lord and Miller on what exactly happened. While we've been told the transition has been amicable, their only public statement so far can be interpreted in a number of different ways.

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In what appears to be the first public mention of the incident so far, Chris Miller took to Twitter earlier this afternoon to send out a cryptic message with multiple meanings and ties to Star Wars lore.

Situation normal

— Chris Miller (@chrizmillr) June 27, 2017

For fans of the original franchise, the statement seems to be a reference to Han's line in A New Hope when he's posing as a Stormtrooper. Of course, at that moment, things are in a state of chaos, so this could be a tongue-in-cheek reference to the pandemonium Lord and Miller are in the middle of. An even more extreme read of the tweet, meanwhile, goes back to what even the film was likely referencing.

Known today as the relatively light phrase 'snafu,' the original word was actually short for 'Situation Normal: All F**ked Up.' Used during World War II and the Vietnam War as slang for a situation gone terribly awry, the quote could be a statement of frustration disguised as a movie reference. Until Lord and Miller open up more about the event, we may never know, but it certainly wouldn't be surprising if they're more than a little upset about being pushed out of a project they've been working on for months now.

While we wait for more clarity, Han Solo might not be out of the woods yet. The upset with the directors also brought to light that Lucasfilm may be unhappy with Alden Ehrenreich's performance, echoing a twisty tale from 1999's The Phantom Menace involving Jake Lloyd and, interestingly, Ron Howard. Still, with only a week since things have gone down, we could see things back on track in no time. Until then, we'll keep you updated on Han Solo.

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