Mark Hamill & Kevin Conroy Tease Hush & Death in the Family Animated Films

During Canada's 2016 Fan Expo, Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy teased the idea of animated adaptations of Batman stories Hush and A Death in the Family.

Batman: Hush To Become An Animated Film

Batman: The Killing Joke is the latest addition to the DC animated movie series and features the voice talents of Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill. The two have both become iconic for their portrayals of Batman and the Joker, respectively, and rightly so. Many read Batman comics and hear these specific voices in their mind when dealing with said characters.

Despite mixed-negative reactions and controversy regarding the adaptation of The Killing Joke, this latest animated feature was still a big success for DC's animated film universe. While Justice League: Dark and Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders are on the way, there is speculation concerning what the next straight animated adaptation of a classic Batman comic storyline will be. Now it appears Conroy and Hamill have some ideas of their own.

Based on a report from ScreenGeek, Conroy and Hamill were on a panel at Canada's 2016 Fan Expo, discussing possibilities for what to do next, in term of DC animated projects. It is rare for audiences to see these two together, so the fans took opportunity to ask these two where things were headed. They both had some key responses.

Regarding this question, Conroy asked Hamill, "What do you think about doing ‘Hush’?" This was met with a huge response from the crowd. Not to be outdone, Hamill then asked Conroy, "What do you think about doing 'A Death in the Family'?" And that was of course met with another huge cheer from the audience. This, of course, may not indicate the actual direction for where DC animation is headed next, but it would be difficult to look past either of these stories as being worthy possibilities either.

Kevin Conroy And Mark Hamill Tease New Animated Batman Films

The 'Batman: Hush' storyline was first published in 2002. Written by Jeph Loeb, this year-long monthly series concerned a mysterious character named Hush challenging Batman at every turn. The story featured appearances from almost every major Batman villain, as well as Superman and other key characters. 'A Death in the Family' was a Jim Starlin story from 1988, which concerned the tragic death of the Jason Todd incarnation of Robin. This was the famous event that had fans calling in to vote on whether or not Robin would die.

Both of these stories are quite popular among Batman comic fans and could prove to be exciting additions to the DC animated universe. While The Killing Joke was a botched take on one of the more mature stories (to say the least) in the Batman comic universe, straight adaptations have proven to work before. Both Batman: Year One and Batman: The Dark Knight Returns were much better received and show just how well these page-for-page adaptations can truly work with the right effort put behind it. Taking on either Hush or A Death in the Family could equally play out well, especially if a good amount of effort is put into the animation, let alone the voice talent.

Of course, it is all just speculation. Hamill and Conroy could just be being cute in front of a crowd. That doesn't mean Warner Bros. isn't listening or that this is not something being talked about, but it is hardly a confirmation. Everyone will just have to wait and hopefully enjoy Justice League Dark, as the non-Batman stories tend to be pretty great as well, when it comes to DC animation.

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You can currently hear Conroy and Hamill voicing their iconic roles in Batman: The Killing Jokewhich is now available on Blu-ray, DVD and VOD.

Source: ScreenGeek

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