SR Pick: Halo vs. Destiny Live-Action Battle

Fans of video game developer Bungie have no doubt spent countless hours in the studio's two biggest original titles to date; namely, Halo and Destiny. Though the first-person shooter properties feature dissimilar narrative settings, player-characters, and villains, both titles have won respective acclaim, even if Master Chief and his band of genetically-engineered, Spartan super-soldiers were welcomed more warmly upon release than the latter three-man Guardian hunting parties.

Given the action-focused nature of each property, many fans have likely already imagined scenarios wherein the the two previously mentioned forces for good team up against the united forces of the Covenant and the Fallen, or better yet test each other personally. As luck would have it, a certain video recently uploaded to YouTube has accomplished the very same fantasy, as a live-action comedy short.

Produced by Freakin Rad, an independent channel dedicated to bringing its viewers dramatic superhero battles, fantastic trailers for features that should be, and depicting situations of grand proportions. In the video seen above, the filmmaking team set their sights towards the gaming subculture, and lovingly recreates everything fans love about Bungie, as part of an original series of videos that cater to the interests of the gaming, anime, and superhero fan-based communities.

Halo vs. Destiny

Whether you prefer Master Chief's alluring AI companion Cortana, or the Guardians' artificial guardian Ghost, there's plenty for fans of both games to enjoy in this masterful take on the two productions' pros and cons. In the video's depicted confrontation of mortal combat, neither side ultimately prevails over the other, thanks to the tongue-in-cheek introduction of an outside science-fiction force from the dark side of the world of film.

Those who like what they see above should be sure to check out the other videos available at Freakin Rad, whose other fanboy allegiances include videos dedicated Star Wars and Predator. With a growing body of original content, including a meeting between Master Chief and the Predator in yet another battle to the death, genre film fans and gaming aficionados alike are sure to find something to enjoy on the channel's uniquely branded content.   

Halo 5: Guardians and Destiny are available to purchase from all participating retailers exclusively for Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, XBox One, and XBox 360, respectively.

Source: Freakin Rad

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