What To Expect From Showtime's Halo TV Show

Here's everything we know about Showtime's long awaited Halo TV show, including its potential release date, story details, and cast.

Showtime's Halo TV series is on the way, and here's everything we know about it so far. Halo will be adapted from the video game series of the same name originally created by Bungie and Microsoft Games - though now the series is developed by 343 Industries and published by Xbox Game Studios. This Halo adaptation is currently the only one in the works. Plans for a film adaptation with Peter Jackson producing, Neil Blomkamp directing, and Alex Garland writing the script fell through in 2007 after years of development.

Showtime's Halo TV series was first announced in 2013. In the six years since that initial announcement, Halo has undergone a series of major changes to its production team, cast, and director. As far as the cast is concerned, American Gods alum Pablo Schreiber will portray as Master Chief. Following director Rupert Wyatt's exit from Halo in 2018, Robin Hood helmer Otto Bathurst will direct a portion of the series' nine episodes and serve as executive producer. In March 2019, the Halo TV series got a new showrunner in Steven Kane, who will work in tandem with previously confirmed lead Kyle Killen.

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In addition to this information, here are other key Halo TV show details which have been confirmed thus far, as well as what we know about the series' release date and story details.

Halo TV Show Release Date

The Showtime Halo TV series is expected to premiere sometime in 2020. It's been a long time coming but production on Halo will reportedly begin later in 2019. Given the typical amount of time it takes to film a TV series and make sure at least a handful of episodes are ready to air, it's likely Halo would premiere in summer or fall 2020. Since the Halo series was announced, getting the ball rolling on actually filming has been a roller coaster ride. Production got close to starting in 2018 before delays pushed the start date back. And releasing towards the end of 2020 will enable Showtime to market their Halo show alongside the release of Halo Infinite and the Xbox Scarlett.

Halo TV Show Story Details

It's expected the Halo TV series story will be adapted from Halo: Combat Evolved, as mentioned by The Wrap earlier this year. In the 26th century, humans are at war with an alien collective known as The Covenant. The Covenant's leaders are known as the Prophets, who worship an ancient group of aliens known as the Forerunners. The war between humans and The Covenant will be told through the perspective of Master Chief (Schreiber). Through this story, it's likely the show will introduce the Halo Rings, the video game's future tech, and the rest of Master Chief's team.

Halo TV Show Cast

Pablo Schreiber Master Chief Halo Showtime

In addition to Pablo Schreiber playing Master Chief, the Halo TV show cast currently consists of Australian newcomer Yerin Ha, who is playing a brand-new character name Quan Ah - an original character created for the series that will presumably act as some sort of companion for Master Chief.

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