Halo Infinite Revealed With Teaser Trailer


Microsoft kicked off its Xbox E3 2018 presentation in spectacular fashion, showcasing Halo Infinite, the next game in the Halo franchise. A return to Halo is something that Xbox players have long been calling for, with the series acting as the mainstay of the Xbox brand for many.

Although Microsoft had previously confirmed that further games in the Halo series were coming, the company and developer 343 Industries had remained coy about exactly when the game was going to arrive. This proved to be something of a struggle for fans after more, but thankfully Microsoft has finally been able to get the series back into the public eye, following on from rumors of the game that circulated recently.

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In terms of what the title will provide, the Halo Infinite trailer doesn't give much away. It's a brief cinematic showing what appears to be a lush landscape, and an injured squad of soldiers, before cutting to Master Chief's iconic helm. The trailer in question can be spotted at the top of this article.

Master Chief

As it stands, Halo Infinite has come as something as a surprise, although gut instinct suggested a Halo game would be showcased at the expo this year. Although 343 Industries had confirmed that the story would return to focus on Master Chief, aside from that the studio has been keeping quiet about exactly what the next game in the Halo series would be. Xbox head honcho Phil Spencer didn't give much away either, but did state during the Xbox E3 2018 event that players will be able to "join Master Chief on his greatest adventure yet to save humanity."

Apart from that, the most important takeaways at this point in time are from a design perspective. 343 Industries has confirmed that there has been a slight shift in art style, moving back towards the design of the previous games, and this is apparent in the more vibrant, colorful palette of the teaser trailer. The other big change is that Halo Infinite has moved to a new engine, with the Slipspace Engine now the driving force behind the game.

The reveal of a new Halo game will no doubt do wonders when it comes to bolstering the exclusive line-up of the Xbox One. The console, and Microsoft as a whole, faced some criticism from its users due to the lack of enticing exclusives, with many wondering where Microsoft's God of War was. Although a new Halo was always on the cards, nonetheless it's a relief for fans to see that it is definitely on the way.

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Source: 343 Industries

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