• With Halo Infinite on the horizon, there have been questions about whether a Battle Royale mode will be available. 1 / 8

    vertical halo infinite battle royale
  • Halo's Franchise Developer, Frank O'Conor, has confirmed that Halo Infinite won't have a Battle Royale mode on launch. 2 / 8

  • O'Conor noted that it would be possible, however, for players to make their own Battle Royale mode in the forge. 3 / 8

  • O'Conor also noted that the Master Chief Collection titles may well be Battle Royale compatible. 4 / 8

    Master Chief Halo Vertical
  • Does this mean that we may get a Battle Royale mode for a title in the MCC if one is absent from Halo Infinite? 5 / 8

    Master Chief Halo Showtime Vertical
  • It's likely too soon to tell at this stage, but O'Conor hasn't ruled out the possibility of a Battle Royale entry for the franchise. 6 / 8

  • Fans are just going to have to wait for Halo Infinite's release to see if anything eventuates. 7 / 8

    vertical halo infinite battle royale
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