We Were Really Hoping For Some Halo Infinite Gameplay This Year

Halo Infinite Master Chief Screenshot E3 2019

Microsoft's Xbox division is working on a next-gen console, a true successor to the Xbox One family of devices, alongside a new and different Halo game. This much we've known for quite sometime since Xbox keeps talking about it. And talking about it. And talking about it. But not showing it...

At E3 2019, Xbox had the chance to absolutely dominate the event with rival Sony PlayStation pulling out for the first time since the annual game expo began over two decades ago. But instead of showing the really new stuff, that's really coming holiday 2020, they sort of just teased it similar to how they did last year.

The Xbox Scarlett will launch late next year, and launching with it, just like with the original Xbox, will be the new Halo. Titled Halo Infinite, this next installment in the flagship Xbox series will be... another Halo. One that's not titled Halo 6.

That's all we know because outside of a title, "Halo Infinite", and knowing 343 Industries is developing it, we've only had underwhelming CGI and pre-rendered trailers. And that was a common thread during the Xbox Keynote this year, a presentation that Xbox boss Phil Spencer said was their biggest ever. It really didn't feel like that due to how much was held back, not really shown, or was only teased via non-gameplay trailers which we all know now are increasingly meaningless.

Show us the gameplay!

Halo 4 and 5 didn't make the type of impact to the gaming zeitgeist that the original trilogy did, nor did most exclusive Xbox titles this generation, so Halo Infinite has much to live up to. So much has changed in the crowded shooter market so what can make Halo stand out or above? What can make it modern, unique, and better than the competition, but still feel like Halo? Is that even possible?

Halo Infinite Poster Cover Key Art
Halo Infinite Cover Art

Halo Infinite cannot just be more of the same, more of what the prior 343 games were. And it can't just copy Destiny (made by original Halo creators, Bungie). Can 343 go bigger and better than that? Do they go MMO-esque in online features? Do the also go bigger than the big battle royales? What do you want from the future of Halo?

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