Halo 3 Video Showcase Movie's Potential

I found a new Halo 3 video ad, apparently leaked, that's live action and pretty cool, even if you're not a Halo video game nut:

Now some background on the Halo movie's development:

When it was announced in 2005 that Universal and Fox would be bringing the live action Halo movie to a theatre near you, and that Bungie, makers of the game had developed the script with writer Alex Garland (28 Days Later...), the fans were pumped.

When Peter Jackson came aboard to executive produce, the fans went nuts, as did movie fans across the world. But when Neill Blokamp, who has no feature films to his credit, was hired to direct, everyone said, "Huh?"

Soon enough, the budget was deemed too high and Universal and Fox backed out, and effectively, the movie was tainted. The biggest blame, I've heard, was the hiring of the director.

But since then, there have been official Halo 3 videos released, directed by Blokamp, that are showing what the movie's potential could be. In my opinion, the movie will be killer!

Back in April, at the NAB 2007 conference in Las Vegas (NAB puts on this show for video and digital cinema product makers and more related to film, video and television), the team behind the hot new digital cinema camera RED showcased a short film directed by Jackson himself, with Blokamp co-directing. It was a great little World War I short that had aerial dog fights and crazy ground action. You can watch part of it here.

I believe Jackson did the short for two reasons: one, he wanted to see what the newest camera arrivals to the digital cinema scene were capable of, and two, he wanted to show studios that Blokamp can handle an action film like Halo.

Well, I firmly believe that Blokamp can do so, based on the short with Jackson, and all the great Halo 3 videos that he's directed so far.

Source: Ain't It Cool News

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