Jason Blum Hints Long-Awaited Halloween Trailer Will Arrive In June

The producer for Halloween (aka: Halloween 2018) has hinted that the long-awaited trailer for the film will arrive sometime next month. Studio head Jason Blum took to social media to address the issue, and left fans expecting to see something appear within the next few weeks. The trailer was shown to a few at CinemaCon - and some BTS shots appeared online - but many are still very eager to catch their first glimpse of Jamie Lee-Curtis and Michael Myers in action again.

This new chapter in the Halloween saga began filming at the start of this year, and wrapped up principal photography within a couple of months. Directed and co-written by David Gordon Green, with Danny McBride as a writing partner, the film will basically ignore all the sequels and remakes that have been made since the 1978 original. One of the main attractions for genre fans though is the fact that Curtis is reprising her iconic role as Laurie Strode, and will be joined by an extended family. Judy Greer plays her daughter Karen, and Andi Matichak plays her granddaughter Allyson. Curtis has praised the story, calling it "Halloween Retold". However, after the trailer played at CinemaCon, many have complained about the length of time it's taken for it to be released to the general public.

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Acknowledging some of the frustration being felt by the fans, Blum posted an entry on his Twitter account today, suggesting that they didn't have much longer to wait.  In his post, he says:

So, while Blum doesn't give an exact date, the reference to "early June" is pretty conclusive. This has led several genre fans to suggest that it will be linked with the theatrical release of the upcoming Blumhouse action-horror Upgrade, which will hit screens on June 1. However, it could possibly tie in with the June 6 international release of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, with which it shares a domestic and overseas distributor (Universal). Whatever method Blumhouse decides to use to promote the trailer, it remains a massive draw for horror fans both old and new, and it will seemingly be only a number of weeks before we see it.

Blum himself has already praised an early cut of the film, and has been wholly positive about the production. Some were concerned when news about late reshoots circulated, which were reportedly driven by reactions in test screenings. However, reshoots are a very common thing in Hollywood, and all other signs - not least the reactions from Curtis - have been encouraging to say the least. Hopefully the imminent trailer footage will calm any negativity and whet appetites for what Halloween has in store when it reaches theaters in October.

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