Halloween Sequel/Reboot Start of Filming Pushed Back

The filming commencement date for the Halloween reboot/sequel has been pushed back to January, delaying Jamie Lee Curtis' return to the franchise.

The shooting commencement date for the Halloween reboot/sequel has been pushed back to January, delaying Jamie Lee Curtis' return to filming on the franchise. The low-budget specialists at Blumhouse are helping to bring this iconic horror franchise back to the big screen, with franchise originator John Carpenter involved in a hands-on capacity: he will handle the score, in addition to serving as producer.

Danny McBride has written the script for this franchise relaunch alongside director David Gordon Green. Their Halloween movie will bring back Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode, taking place in an “alternate reality” where only the events of Carpenter’s original 1978 Halloween flick remain in the continuity. All the Halloween films that were released after that have been erased from the canon, paving the way for a belated sequel to the original film, with Curtis back at center stage.

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Now, Bloody Disgusting has unearthed some information that suggests that the film’s production has been pushed back. Shooting was originally slated to start in October, but now a casting call from South Carolina’s The Island Packet has revealed that the film’s principal photography - which is taking place in Charleston -won’t begin until January 2018.

The casting call seems to be only for extras, with people of all ages and races needed to fill in background roles in the slasher sequel. If you’re local to Charleston, S.C. and fancy standing nearby while Michael Myers does some murdering, head over to The Island Packet for all the information about applying.

This delay isn’t necessarily a bad thing. After all, it’s better that Blumouse, Carpenter, McBride and Green get everything fully prepared during pre-production rather than rushing the creative process. There have been enough rushed and sloppily made sequels in this franchise already, and fans the world over are hoping for something a bit better from this one.

However, you might still be worried that this delay in production will see the film’s release date pushed back. It’s impossible to say whether that will happen or not, but it seems wise to bet on Blumhouse to succeed in hitting that October 2018 target. After all, studio head Jason Blum has vowed that fans can cut his hand off if he fails to get the film into theaters in time for next year’s Halloween season.

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Source: The Island Packet [via Bloody Disgusting]

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