Next 'Halloween' Film Titled 'Halloween Returns'

New Halloween film titled Halloween Returns

Over the last decade or so, much has been said about the ongoing trend of unnecessary remakes to modern horror classics. While new versions of A Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th have done solid business, the resulting films (and many more like them) have left some fans frustrated that iconic horror legacies are being unceremoniously squandered. Now it's starting to look like another controversial franchise revisit is about to start up again.

Rob Zombie's 2007 Halloween - a remake of John Carpenter's 1978 classic - delved deeper into Michael Myers' backstory and earned a total of $80 million at the worldwide box office in the process. However, the 2009 sequel failed to live up to its predecessor, leaving the franchise once again on the studio's backburner. More recently, the latest entry in the series has built up steam, and now crucial details have been announced.

Dimension Films has revealed that the next film to feature Myers will be titled Halloween Returns. The project - which will start shooting in July - was not announced as the third film in the rebooted franchise, leaving it unclear if it will fit into the continuity Zombie established in his two films. In fact, no plot details were announced whatsoever.

Marcus Dunstan - the man behind cult hits The Collector and The Collection - will direct, and as previously reported, Dunstan and Patrick Melton will write the new film. The pair collaborated on the screenplays for those films as well as the latter four sequels in the Saw franchise. So, although we don't know exactly what Halloween Returns is about just yet, Dustan and Melton's previous work indicates that the movie will be just as gruesome (if not so more) than Zombie's Halloween films, in terms of horror violence.

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Horror fans can be a fickle bunch, which explains why many of the genre's franchises rely on annual installments to stay in the public consciousness. So, the fact Halloween has been out of commission for so six years is astounding. That absence is an eternity for the genre, and in the interim, rumors surrounding this film (or some version of it) have continued to circulate. At one point, the third rebooted Halloween film was intent on using 3D to boost audience interest, an approach that was ultimately dropped.

Undoubtedly, hardcore fans of the series will be interested in this film regardless, However, considering the sour impression the last film left on moviegoers - and the fact that Zombie was never going to be involved anyway - it's pretty likely that this new Halloween will either be at least a "soft reboot" or a direct return (hence the announced title) of the original continuity that was last touched upon in 2002 release Halloween: Resurrection. In any case, expect Myers to be up and stalking in no time.


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Source: Dimension Films

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