Halloween Reboot Prevented Baby Driver Using Michael Myers Mask

The upcoming Halloween reboot prevented Edgar Wright from using a Michael Myers mask in Baby Driver. By now it's well documented that Michael Myers' eerie mask in Halloween was actually a Captain Kirk mask that was painted white and altered for the movie. The mask was actually one of two options considered, with the other being a clown mask that young Michael wears during the opening sequence.

The original mask was reused for 1981’s Halloween II, but despite being set mere moments after the ending of the first movie, the mask had noticeably deteriorated in the 3 years between movies. The appearance of Michael’s mask changed radically in later sequels, possibly in an attempt to move away from William Shatner’s likeness. This resulted in some fairly terrible looking masks, and the producers of Halloween: H20 were so unhappy with Michael’s look throughout filming that he changes masks about 4 times throughout the movie. One shot even features a blatantly CGI mask to cover up the original.

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One of the funniest gags in Baby Driver featured a character accidentally buying Mike Myers Austin Powers masks for a heist - when he was supposed to buy some Halloween Michael Myers masks instead. Now makeup effects artist Greg Nicotero has revealed the scene was originally supposed to feature two characters wearing Halloween masks and one wearing an Austin Powers one. A Michael Myers mask was even created for the scene, but the forthcoming Halloween reboot denied them permission to use it, so the scene was altered. See the mask for Baby Driver, as posted by Nicotero, below.

Wright himself also chimed in to confirm they were prevented from using the Michael mask.

While it would have been cool to see the Myers mask in Baby Driver, the scene works just as well - and arguably better - without it. It’s a shame the producers of the new Halloween decided to block the mask being used though, and the Michael mask created for the movie actually looks pretty good. Nicotero - who is now a key director on The Walking Dead - previously worked on 1989’s Halloween 5: The Revenge Of Michael Myers.

The mask Michael dons in Halloween is supposed to be the one he wore during his original rampage, which has suitably aged and weathered in the 40 years between movies. It’s the best the character has looked in a long time, and early reactions for Halloween out of its screening at the Toronto International Film Festival praise it for making Michael scary again.

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