Halloween Projected For Best Opening Weekend Of The Franchise

The new Halloween movie will reportedly have the largest opening weekend box office of any previous film in the franchise with $40 to $50 million.

The new Halloween movie is already set to break at least one record, including the best opening weekend ever for a film in its franchise; early reports suggest the film could take in at least $40 million during its opening weekend.

The original Halloween movie released in 1978. Although critics seemed dismissive of the film at the time, it still managed to pull in a good audience, even with very little advertising. It ended up launching a franchise of 11 films, a series of comic books, several novels and a slew of merchandise. The franchise introduced the mask-wearing Michael Myers to the world, and it seems that since then, the world has wanted nothing but more of the iconic killer. The new movie will land in theaters this October, almost 40 years to the date after the first film's release.

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Deadline reports that the new Halloween will also break the record for the franchise for the largest opening weekend ever. Analysts estimate the film could take in at least $40 million during its premiere, a number that could rise as high as $50 million. This opening weekend amount is more than double that of the 2007 remake, which took in $26.3 million. Halloween's big opening weekend could also land it in the list of top horror movie opening weekends of all time, which includes IT, World War Z, Hannibal, The Nun and Paranormal Activity 3.

Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween 2018

So what is it about the new Halloween that seems to appeal to moviegoers? The film is a direct sequel to the original 1978 John Carpenter original. Jamie Lee Curtis will reprise her role as Laurie Strode, but this time, Laurie is armed and ready to take on Michael Myers. Statistics also show that Halloween will appeal to more than just the usual male audience that most R-rated movies appeal to. This one breaks the mold and appeals to women, too. Early reviews are mostly positive, with the film already scoring an 85 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, with a whopping 98 percent of moviegoers wanting to see it.

Nostalgia certainly will play its part in audiences wanting to see Halloween. It's likely that if this film does as well at the box office as expected, other classic horror movies will get remakes and sequels. There is also the possibility of a future Halloween TV series. These are the kinds of stories that horror fans want to see, so, hopefully, these are the stories Hollywood will continue to deliver.

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Source: Deadline

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