10 Movies To Watch If You Love The Halloween Franchise

John Carpenter's Halloween is a horror classic, no questions asked. It was a chilling, iconic, and genre-shaping film that helped bring forth a new age of horror. But the horrors of Michale Myers are all numbered, and the well does, unfortunately, run dry. So where do we go from here?

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Fear not, horror hounds, there are still buckets of bloody good times to be had. Because of Halloween's popularity, a slew of slasher films followed in Michael's footsteps if you still need to satisfy your creepy cravings. Here are ten slasher flicks you'll enjoy if you loved Halloween.

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Norma Bates Skeleton in Psycho 1960
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10 Psycho

Norma Bates Skeleton in Psycho 1960

Where better to start our list than with the original slasher flick? Halloween took a lot of inspiration from Alfred Hitchcock's magnum opus, quite a lot actually. The chilling scores, psychotic killer, and beautiful blonde lead are all staples of this classic film. Even the weapon of choice looks all too familiar.

There is definitely something very Hitchcock about Carpenter's film. The plot is more mystery than horror, there's minimal bloodshed, and most of the effects are produced from angle and lighting. Put Norman bates in a creepy mask instead of his mother's dress and you've got Michael Myers.

9 Friday the 13th Series

Without Michael Myers, there'd be no Jason Voorhees, plain and simple. Though Michael was no unstoppable zombified maniac, both he and Jason have an appetite for slicing up frisky teens on certain holidays, do they not? Just as Halloween took heavy inspiration from Psycho, Friday the 13th took heavy inspiration from Halloween.

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Jason might be a bit more than over-powered, but his series changed the way people saw horror flicks. With the original Halloween people were biting their nails to see Laurie Strode escape her twisted brother. With this series, viewers root for Jason like they would for Godzilla. Don't feel bad, most of the victims are all machete fodder anyway.

8 My Bloody Valentine

My Bloody Valentine

No, we're not talking about the cheesy 3-D remake. This 1981 Canadian kill-fest takes yet another holiday to horror territory with a mad miner and lots of bloody hearts. It's no Halloween, but Harry Warden could definitely give Jason Voorhees a run for his money.

Though full of several horror cliche's, the film definitely does a few things different with its cast and its methods of murder. the Miner's design and weapon of choice are simple but scary, much like masked Mike in Halloween. It's an underrated gem that definitely needs some more love.

7 Urban Legend

A killer in the backseat in a scene from 'Urban Legend'

Though it might come off as a stereotypical 90s teen-scream movie at first, Urban Legend is actually a pretty creative and interesting slasher film. Though its hooded killer isn't as engaging as someone like Jason or Michael Myers, the concept of urban legends as a murder motif is really brilliant in its delivery. We're almost certain this one flew under your radar, even back in 1998.

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With a starring role for then-rising-star Jared Leto and more than a few classic horror tropes, Urban Legend just needs a second chance. That all being said, we can't say we don't see why it gets pushed aside. A parka and an ax do not a classic villain make.

6 Scream

Scream Ghostface

Often imitated but never duplicated, the original Scream was an icon of 90s horror. Created by the late Wes Craven, the film turned the slasher genre on its ear by being self-aware and very tongue-in-cheek with its writing. Though it might seem a tad cliche nowadays, that was kind of the point of the entire movie.

Ghostface has become a Halloween icon, with hundreds of costumes and variations showing up every season for legions of trick-or-treaters. Though the sequels, with the exception of Scream 4, get more than a bit repetitive, the first one will always be an icon.

5 The Funhouse

This film is the very definition of an underrated horror classic. Brought to us by the legendary Tobe Hooper, The Funhouse is a super creepy fright-fest involving a traveling carnival, an eerie funhouse, and a disfigured mutant with a thirst for blood. It's definitely overlooked and well worth your viewing pleasure.

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With a colorful yet creepy atmosphere, a kitschy 80s aesthetic, and some phenomenal creature effects and makeup by Rick Baker, The Funhouse is a frightening and fun flick that you should definitely show next Halloween season. Tell Michael to make a little room for Gunther.

4 You're Next

Mask from Youre Next

Being trapped in a house with one demented killer in a creepy white mask is one thing, but try facing off against a team of them with a variety of traps and weapons. You're Next puts a twist on the classic slasher formula by giving us a smarter collection of victims and a more cunning assortment of villains. 

The plot is suspenseful, the kills are gruesome, and the cast isn't just a bowl of stereotypes for the masked assailants to just pick off one by one. There's a more natural flow to the film, but it's still carrying the slasher flick torch. Give it a watch and judge for yourself.

3 The Shining

For an absolutely amazing film featuring a mentally deranged murderer, look no further than Stanley Kubrick's The Shining. This film is one of the biggest icons in all of horror cinema, being referenced in pop culture more times than you can swing an ax at. Its use of suspense, visuals, and terror are what put it side by side with Halloween.

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Though it lacks the hack and slash features of John Carpenter's masterpiece, the pure horror of Stephen King's Overlook Hotel is enough to give you nightmares for days. Besides, all slash and no substance makes Mike a dull boy.

2 Clownhouse

This film is uncomfortably creepy, especially if you know about the reputation of Victor Salva. That being said, this movie is still perfect for Halloween Night. Clownhouse is essentially Halloween if you trade in Haddonfield for a circus and Michael Myers for a trio of escaped lunatics in stolen clown costumes. As if the idea for escaped madmen wasn't scary enough.

The protagonists are children, the villains are nightmarish, and the suspense and scares are palpable, to say the least. It takes its time with the terror and executes an 80s horror flick that puts us all on edge. For those interested, the film is currently free to watch on YouTube.

1 Trick r' Treat

Trick 'r Treat, Michael Dougherty

Though there's not a slasher villain in the traditional sense, Trick r' Treat absolutely oozes Halloween horror. There are jack-o-lanterns at every corner, costumes, ghosts, werewolves, vampires, and screens absolutely saturated with orange and black. The film has no shortage of tricks or treats for the eyes of every hardcore horror hound.

A twist on the anthology-film formula, Michael Dougherty's holiday horror fest is definitely something fans of Halloween could be proud of. It's practically a love letter to the holiday even with nods to John Carpenter's classic brand of horror. If you've not seen this impressive film, you're missing out on some pure Halloween fun.

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