Halloween: How Many People Has Michael Myers Killed?

Michael Myers has been a symbol of the horror industry since his introduction in 1978's Halloween, but how many kills has he actually racked up? The merciless killer has terrorized innocent victims for decades, becoming a favorite of horror fans for his terrifying demeanor and near-immortal bloodlust.

The sadistic killer, also known as "The Shape," is recognized for his infamous white mask, and the horrible mind underneath. Michael Myers behavior is almost animalistic as he lurks in the shadows and stalks his prey, always managing to catch up to his targets without seeming to exert himself. His weapon of choice is the butcher knife but all he really needs is his bare hands.

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John Carpenter's Halloween kicked off the slasher genre. Indeed, many of horror's most iconic figures were inspired by Michael Myers and his ruthless acts of violence. If it wasn't for Michael, the horror industry could have turned out a lot differently. But just how murderous is Michael Myers? Across all 10 Halloween movies in which he's appeared, Michael Myers has killed 121 people. But that's made complicated by the Halloween series' many timelines.

Michael Myers' Kill Count Breakdown

Michael Myers art

There are 11 movies in the Halloween film series and Michael Myers is featured in all but one (Halloween III: Season of the Witch). To get an idea of why Michael is considered one of the fiercest killers in all of horror, we broke down his kill total for each movie. The numbers counted are for on-screen kills (via YouTube), and only from Michael directly.

Halloween (1978) - 5 Kills

Michael Myers kicked off his killer career as a six-year-old in 1963. The young boy spent his Halloween night killing his sister with a butcher knife. Fast forward 15 years and Michael decided to return home after escaping the sanitarium to go on a murder spree. As Dr. Loomis chased him around town to no avail, Michael stalked Laurie Strode and killed most of her friends.

Halloween II (1981) - 9 Kills

Michael Myers continued his carnage in the sequel, which notably took place the same night as the original movie. After he survived the fall from the balcony, the Shape made his way through town while the Haddonfield police dealt with the fact that a murderer was on the loose. Michael eventually made his way to the hospital where Laurie was being treated. He then killed most of the doctors and nurses that got in his way. Laurie managed to survive Michael's second massacre.

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Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers - 15 Kills

After the explosion at the hospital in Halloween II, Michael Myers was revealed to still be alive but in a coma for the past decade. He woke up while being transferred to a sanitarium and traveled back to Haddonfield to target his young niece, Jamie. Along the way, he killed to get new clothes and a car in order to make it to town. Michael also went after an electrician to cause a city-wide blackout. Even though he failed at killing his niece, he murdered many who looked after her, including her foster mother.

Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers - 12 Kills

Michael Myers was in another coma after falling down the mine shaft in Halloween 4. He fortuitously woke up in time for the next Halloween to once again go after his niece. This time around, Michael killed Jamie's foster sister, Rachel. Dr. Loomis teamed up with the local sheriff but Michael easily took out every deputy that came near him. Michael was later caught and secured in the police station until a mysterious man killed all inside and freed him.

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers - 17 Kills

Halloween 6 (also known as the one that stars Paul Rudd) was one of the deadliest movies for Michael Myers. It took place six years after Halloween 5 and explained that Jamie, now pregnant, was abducted along with Michael. He finally got a chance to kill his niece and then set out to kill more family members who live in the Myers home. Tommy Doyle and Dr. Loomis realized that a cult was involved with Michael's previous disappearance. Michael later turned against them and killed every member.

Halloween H20: 20 Years Later - 6 Kills

Halloween H20 served as a direct sequel to Halloween and Halloween II but ignored the other sequels, with the story seeing Michael targeting Laurie twenty years after their first encounter. Laurie had been in hiding and was the headmistress at a private school in California. Michael broke into Dr. Loomis' house to find the files that reveal Laurie's whereabouts. Michael encountered Loomis' old nurse and killed her, along with a few neighbors. He eventually made it to the school where he murdered the guidance counselor, who was also dating Laurie at the time, and the friends of Laurie's teenage son.

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Halloween: Resurrection - 10 Kills

This time around, Laurie was in a sanitarium and, of course, Michael Myers came looking for her. This time, though, he actually got the chance to kill her, making her death the most substantial in the movie. Michael then traveled back to his home in Haddonfield. He found that his old house was being used for a live internet horror show, so he decided to kill all involved.

Halloween (2007) - 18 Kills

The first Halloween remake was far more violent than the original film. Fans of Rob Zombie would not be surprised by that fact. This movie went far deeper into what made Michael become a cold-blooded killer and the movie really tried to drive that notion with more kills. For example, young Michael not only killed his sister at the beginning, but he also her boyfriend, a school bully, and his mother's boyfriend. Years later, he targeted Laurie Strode and killed her friends like the original Halloween. But this time around, Michael murdered Laurie's parents.

Halloween II (2009) - 13 Kills

The Halloween II from 2009 was not a remake of the 1981 sequel. Instead, it took place a year later when Michael went back to Haddonfield to find Laurie. She agreed to go to a Halloween party but Michael showed up and killed what remained of her friends. Michael and Laurie were more connected than first thought as it was revealed she was actually his sister, Angel Myers. Dr. Loomis was also killed, although only in the unrated cut.

Halloween (2018) - 16 Kills

Halloween was made to be a direct sequel to the 1978 original. It took place 40 years after Michael first wreaked havoc on the town of Haddonfield after the killer escaped during his transport from the sanitarium. He set his sights on his hometown but this time, Laurie had been waiting for him. Before Michael went on his massacre on Halloween night, he killed the podcasters who had his mask. Laurie's granddaughter, Allyson, lost a few friends during Michael's killing quest. Allyson's father also got in the way while Michael made it to Laurie's house deep in the woods. Thankfully, Laurie, her daughter Karen, and Allyson overpowered the mass murderer, stopping his kill count, at least for now.

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Michael Myers Total Kills (By Timeline)

Halloween Movie Timelines

Not every Halloween movie is connected. There are actually four distinct timelines (not including Halloween III: Season of the Witch) over the course of Michael Myers' history in movies. We added up the numbers of kills to conclude a total for each timeline. The timeline explanations and totals are as follows:

  • Original Timeline (Halloween, Halloween II, Halloween 4, Halloween 5, Halloween 6) = 58 Kills
  • H20 Timeline (Halloween, Halloween II, Halloween H20, Halloween: Resurrection) = 30 Kills
  • Remake Timeline (Halloween, Halloween II) = 31 Kills
  • 2018 Timeline (Original Halloween, Halloween) = 21 Kills

Grand Total (all on-screen kills throughout all movies) = 121 Kills

Instead of adding the number from each time Halloween timeline, we combined the kills from every movie to get the grand total number. If you add up the number from the timelines, it would count some of the movies more than once, skewing the realistic number.

All this math said, Michael's kill total might differ from fan to fan since there are some kills that occur off-screen, in extended cuts, or in dream sequences. Even so, he's obviously been a very busy man over the past four decades of Halloween.

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