Halloween 2018: 15+ References To The Non-Canon Sequels In The Reboot

David Gordon Green's direct sequel to John Carpenter's Halloween retcons every sequel in the franchise, but still fits in some subtle references.

Michael Myers in Halloween 2018


Halloween 2018 may be disregarding every sequel and remake that followed John Carpenter's original Halloween, but it's not abandoning them completely. The upcoming sequel will reference the non-canon sequels in subtle ways out of respect for the fans - and some of these references even show up in the movie's first trailer.

John Carpenter's indie horror classic Halloween was a game-changer in the genre when it was released back in 1978. It follows an escaped patient from Smith's Grove Sanitarium named Michael Myers who returns to his hometown on Halloween night to continue a killing spree he started seventeen years prior, all the while being tracked down by his psychiatrist Dr. Sam Loomis (played by Donald Pleasance). Forty years later, director David Gordon Green will revisit Michael Myers as he escapes from containment yet again, retracing his steps back to Haddonfield, Illinois in an attempt to finish off the sole survivor of his famed killing spree, Laurie Strode (played by Jamie Lee Curtis). And though the upcoming sequel will officially retcon every sequel and remake between 1978 and 2018, the filmmakers aren't writing off other entries in the franchise completely. Green and co-screenwriters Danny McBride confirmed that Halloween 2018 will make references to the other entries over the course of their movie.

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Fans will have to wait for Halloween 2018's October release to see every subtle nod and throwback, but for the time being, there is already plenty to sift through in the movie's trailer alone. Between blatant references to blink-and-you'll-miss-it easter eggs, Green and McBride clearly didn't hold back on giving the non-canon sequels their due. In fact, moments from the trailer even directly allude to Carpenter's original Halloween.

The John Carpenter Era

James Jude Courtney in Halloween 2018

References to the original Halloween in the Halloween 2018 trailer are laid on thick. In fact, some of the similarities are so apparent that it's led some to believe that the movie will be a kind of direct sequel/soft reboot hybrid (with Blumhouse CEO Jason Blum even referring to it as a "reinvention"). This is especially evident with moments that are nearly shot-for-shot recreations from the original movie - including someone (either Michael or one of his victims) draped in a ghost-like bedsheet, escaped Smith's Grove Sanitarium patients aimlessly wandering in the middle of a road, and Michael walking into a group of kids, followed by a synth sting in the score.

There are also other obvious nods to the past, with a courtroom sketch of Dr. Loomis, documents referring back to Michael's killing spree, Michael hiding in a bedroom closet (a possible callback to his altercation with Laurie in the original movie), and Laurie's daughter Allyson (played by Andi Matichak) walking home with her friends in a shot that mimics the framing of a scene from the original in which Laurie walks home with her friends. In fact, that scene from the trailer also nods to Halloween II - which Carpenter didn't direct, but produced, co-wrote, and co-scored.

This nod refers to a major retcon that Halloween 2018 will introduce, wherein the familial tie between Michael and Laurie is no longer canon. In Halloween II, Laurie discovers that Michael is her brother (a plot device that is further explored in the sequels), but the scene in the trailer outright confirms that their relations are based out of rumor, not fact.

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There is then one more subtle callback to Halloween II when Michael bumps into the kids who were mentioned earlier. One of them is dressed up as a cowboy and holding a boombox over his shoulder, a clear nod to an identical moment in the sequel.

Halloween III: Season of the Witch

Jamie Lee Curtis and Season of the Witch masks in Halloween 2018

Even though Halloween III: Season of the Witch attempted to divert from Michael Myers' storyline and take the Halloween franchise in a new direction, it's still technically canon in the series chronology (though arguably in an alternate universe). This sequel attempted to utilize the Halloween title as a platform for spinoff movies that adhered to the Halloween season, but it failed. Audiences preferred Michael Myers over Celtic rituals and killer masks.

Still, even though most audiences have more or less written it off in the franchise (apologists do exist for Season of the Witch), it still has a place in Halloween 2018. In the trailer, a group of trick 'r treaters are seen wearing two of the three Silver Shamrock masks from the movie (though they don't appear to be in any mask-related danger).

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