Michael Myers is Back in New Halloween (2018) Set Photos

Michael Myers looks into a closet in a scene from 'Halloween'

Filming has begun on the new Halloween sequel/reboot, and Michael Myers himself has been spotted in photos from the movie's set. The original Halloween is a horror classic and is credited (alongside Psycho) with creating the slasher subgenre. The movie spawned a host of imitators and sequels, but the original is still the best. The franchise has had a famously twisty continuity over the last 40 years, and only the most dedicated of fans can untangle the web. The first two movies are one long story taking place over a single night, where killer Michael Myers chases Jamie Lee Curtis’ babysitter Laurie Strode. She eventually learns he’s her brother, and she seemingly kills him in at the end of Halloween 2.

Halloween III: Season Of The Witch controversially told an original, Myers-less story, and tried to turn the series into an anthology instead; it’s considered a cult movie now, but bombed back in 1982. Halloween IV-VI brought Michael back, only for Halloween: H20 to retcon them out of existence and bring back Jamie Lee again. Michael finally killed Laurie in Resurrection, and then Rob Zombie rebooted the whole series with Halloween (2007) and its sequel. It’s all very messy.

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Now the series is hitting the reboot switch again, and Halloween 2018 will ignore all previous Halloween sequels and only acknowledge the original movie. Filming is currently underway, and set photos (via MovieWeb) reveal a somewhat blurry first look at The Shape (AKA Michael Myers) himself wondering around set. He’s a little hard to make out sadly, but it's good to have him back.

The new Halloween is pulling out all the stops to please longtime fans. Jamie Lee Curtis is back once more, alongside series creator John Carpenter, who will exec produce and compose a new score. Even original Michael Myers performer Nick Castle is returning; Castle’s eerie, menacing body language is part of what made the first Halloween so terrifying, and none of the subsequent actors quite managed to recapture it. Blumhouse will produce the movie, Danny McBride co-wrote the script, and David Gordon Green is directing.

It will be near impossible for the movie to recapture the terror of the original, but with such a line-up of talent behind the movie it’s hard for Halloween fans not to feel hopeful. The later Halloween sequels turned Michael into a bumbling boogeyman - including the entry where he’s beaten up by Busta Rhymes - so if this new Halloween manages to recapture the feel of the original film, it would help the slasher icon regain a little dignity.

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Source: MovieWeb

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